Would I be eligible for US army fitness test after tummy tuck due to massive weight loss?

I have recently lost 100 pounds within an year and I have hanging skin along with man boobs :( The fat over the chest is stubborn and it looks worse because my tummy reduced more compared to the fat over th chest. Now it looks like man boobs and I want to get rid of them. I also want a tummy tuck (extended). After all these surgeries, would I be still eligible for US army (based on fitness requirements as per surgeries)

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Military fitness standards and cosmetic surgery

The fact that you've had cosmetic surgery should not affect your candidacy to participate in required military fitness tests (I used to be a General Surgeon in the US Navy). Have fun !

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When am I ready for activity after a tummy tuck?

As a reserve Navy officer who knows the details for the Marines, you'll be ready for a fit rep in around 2-3 months if you require muscle tightening and 4-6 weeks if only skin excision is required. Congratulations!

Sean T. Lille, MD
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US Army Fitness Test

If you are physically fit i.e. Good cardiac pulmonary function then scars from surgery should not matter but I would check with the military about any prerequisites for testing. 

Good luck

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