Is it OK to travel by train on a 40 min journey the next day after rhinoplasty?

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Travelling after surgery

Every surgeon has different preferences for post op procedure.  I recommend you contact your surgeon for specific instruction.  It may be okay to travel the following day, however, your surgeon may instead prefer you to stay closer to home that soon after surgery. 

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Some patients may experience intermittent oozing for 1-2 days postoperatively which can be a problem if planning a big trip. 

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Traveling after a rhinoplasty procedure

It's always best to ask your operative surgeon about traveling after a rhinoplasty procedure. In our practice it would be acceptable, however it's very important to have follow-up appointments with your surgeon.

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Talk to your Doctor

All is going to depend on how agressive is going to be your surgery and bleeding.

The most important to know, on public transportation there are a lot of people. A lot of risks someone could hit your nose by accident. Sometimes trains get so crowded.

Talk to your Doctor before your surgery


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