Breast augmentation scars too low? (photos)

Hello i had a breast augmentation 11 months ago and my scars are way too low.... they even show under bikinis. At my 8 minth check up my surgeon sent me away saying they will be fine in time but i am really not happy with them, is another surgery my only option and would i have to pay for it? ( i live in the uk) many thanks

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Low incisions

Thank you for your question.  Your incisions are definitely too low.  There is little to do about the scars at this point since scars cannot be eliminated.  However, if your implants are sitting too high, then the implants can be lowered closer to the scar so that the scar would be closer to the inframammary fold and possibly in line with it.  I suggest you get a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon who can examine you in person.  Best wishes!

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Scars too low.

Yes, your breast augmentation scars are too low.  Ideally, the scars should end up exactly in the fold under the breast so there is minimal stretch forces on them.  If the incisions end up slightly up on the breasts, it's not ideal but the incisions can at least be covered in bathing suits. Your incisions position can't be changed but the implants may be able to be shifted slightly downward.  Only an in person examination could tell whether this is a reasonable option.  See a plastic surgeon of your choice for a detailed discussion of your options.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
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Breast augmentation scars

Dear shaz.d,

Your scars do appear low in the photos that you have submitted.  We would need to see a photo of your breasts unsupported and uncovered to provide any meaningful advice.  If the implants are high on your chest wall they may be lowered to better camouflage the scars.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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It would be interesting to see your breasts without your hands over them to see if they sit naturally not he chest or have encapsulated.   The incision cannot be moved. Sorry. But if you have a capsule and the implants are high, perhaps that is the cause. of them appearing low.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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