Antibiotics after breast augmentation?

For my breast augmentation I was prescribed 5 days worth of keflex. Is this enough? I feel like maybe 7 to 10 days would be beneficial.

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Antibiotics after breast augmentation?

In most cases, if you were given antibiotics during surgery, you do not need antibiotics after surgery as there is no benefit but may be more risk. 

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Antibiotics after breast augmentation.

     Antibiotics are given in the I.V. just before your breast augmentation to help prevent an infection.  Although studies suggest that the one dose is sufficient, many physicians will prescribe additional doses.  The 5 days that you were prescribed is certainly enough.

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Antibiotics after breast augmentation? = length of therapy has not been standardized among all surgeons #breastaugmentation

Duration of antibiotic prophylaxis after breast augmentation is a hot topic among plastic surgeons. The duration varies between just 3 days to 5 days and some times up to 7 days and 12 to 14 days.

Patients should follow up the length of prophylasix recommended by their plastic surgeon, that very likely in his or her hands, allows to have the best outcome for his/her patients. 

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Antibiotics after breast augmentation

For a routine breast augmentation there is no proven benefit to any antibiotic use other than a single preoperative IV dose.  All antibiotic use carries risk but especially giving too many antibiotics increases the chances of developing C.diff, which is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the colon. 

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Antibiotics after breast augmetation?

There have been several very good studies looking at the question of antibiotics and breast augmentation. The consensus is that a single strong intravenous dose of a broad-spectrum antibiotic given just before the procedure begins is best. Occasionally, if a surgeon has reason to be concerned about a risk for delayed infection then a short course of antibiotics may be used. Limiting antibiotic use is appropriate, as over use of antibiotics can result in the growth of resistant aggressive bacteria. Remember that steps are always taken during surgery (soaking the implant in antibiotics, re-prepping the skin, etc.) to prevent implant infection as well.

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Breast augmentation and keflex

Some surgeons only precribe one dose in the Operating room while others give several days to a week or more.  Best to ask your surgeon.

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Do I Need Antibiotics After Breast Augmentation? #breastimplants #breastaugmentation

  • I rarely prescribe antibiotics for my breast augmentation patients. 
  • Each patient receives a dose of IV antibiotic in the operating room prior to any incision being made. 
  • Additionally, the implants are bathed in triple antibiotic solution prior to being placed. 
  • If your plastic surgeon prescribe 5 days of antibiotics, that should be sufficient. 

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Antibiotics after breast augmentation?

Antibiotics after breast augmentation are not necessary generally and current practice guidelines indicate an antibiotic be given as a single dose right before the surgical procedure.  Unless there is something special about your health history or your procedure you should not need to take any additional antibiotics afterward.

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Antibiotics, when taken more than needed, can actually be harmful.  If they were only helpful, then why not take antibiotics all the time for the rest of our lives?  So, there is a balance that must be struck.

Some surgeons feel that only the IV antibiotics given just before surgery are sufficient, while others feel more comfortable prescribing antibiotics for a limited amount of time postoperatively.  5 days is likely sufficient, if not even "overly cautious" in a clean, elective breast implant case.

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Thank you for your question.  Postoperative antibiotic protocol differs from surgeon to surgeon.  Research studies have shown that antibiotics given during the surgery through I.V only is enough to reduce the risk of infection.  Talk with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about your antibiotic concern. 

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