How Much Does Breast Implant Revision Cost?

I had Breast implants done 1year ago and I think one has bottomed out. Whats an average price i had 430cc's under the muscle...

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Augmentation "Bottoming Out"

It appears that the right crease is lower than the left. Prices vary by region in this country and I'm sure they do so in the UK as well. In the Minneapolis area, this may range from $3-6000 depending on what is needed. I agree with my colleagues that you would most likely get the best price from your original surgeon. If you still trust in them, then I would go back to them. By the way, this is something that all of us see from time to time and is not necessarily a sign of a poor surgeon.  Good luck.

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Revision of breast augmentation

The revision of a breast augmentation can consist of many elements.  The cost of such a revision will vary tremendously depending on the amount of work needed.  The surgeon's fee can vary from $3000 to $8000.  Be sure and consult a breast revision specialist.

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Breast Revision-Be Careful

You have had your implants in for only 1 year, that is not a long time.  The right crease is a little low and i do understand your concern. The correction is another  surgery to lift the implant and a suture technique to raise the implant above the fold. this can work very well. The average price may be 3 to 4 thousand.


Remember, when ever a women gets implants this is a life long issues and will need revision surgery throughout your life.  Each time you have surgery you create more scar tissue, so each time you re-operate it should be for a reason you have a difficult time living with.

If your breast are soft and not contracted, if you have not had kids yet are planning to in the future, then all this should be discussed.  Your plastic surgeon will help with this decision.

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Breast revision cost

Your right implant has bottomed out, as you have surmised.  Correction needs to take place in the OR, under anesthesia, and would take anywhere from 1-2.5 hours, depending on the exact type of correction.  You can generally expect to cover the cost of the OR and anesthesia.  If you return to your original surgeon, there may or may not be a discount for his/her fee.  After all, bottoming out can occur, even if everything was technically correct at the time of surgery. 

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Compare Costs Very Carefully

Often it is not the best approach to find the cheapest plastic surgeon. Does the surgeon specialize in this procedure? What are their credentials? How long have they been in practice? What percentage of their practice is cosmetic surgery? How many of these surgeries have they performed? Do they use the latest techniques? What do their results look like? Do they have photos to show of their work? Do they provide follow-up themselves, or will you only see the nurses (or even just an assistant)? Are they available by phone for an emergency or does one of their staff answer after-hour calls? What is the impression you get from their office and staff? Are they professional and informative? Do they know what they are talking about? You need to ask yourself all of these questions.

When comparing quotes from different doctors, check to make sure that the costs you are quoted are for the same thing! Check to see what type of anesthesia and facility you are going to be treated in. If the total price is lower but you are not going to receive proper anesthesia from a board certified anesthesiologist, then are you getting a better deal (or inferior treatment)? If the facility is not a certified outpatient surgery center but is an in-office procedure room, is the difference in safety worth the cost reduction? If the doctor is not a board certified plastic surgeon, is that worth the discount in the fees? I would say the answer to all three of these questions is no!

Assuming you are talking about a board certified plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in breast revision, you need to find someone who you trust. This is your body, make sure you are making decisions based on the quality of care, the experience and training of the doctor, and proven results! Cost alone should not be the deciding factor.

The prices can vary from state to state, and from city to city. Our costs, including the board certified plastic surgeon's fees, board certified anesthesiologist's fees, operating room, implants, labs, scar gel, vitamins, and follow-up at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and every year after that forever, are around $8500. If you need more follow-up appointments, those are free as well.

Cost of breast revision vs. Augmenation?

In general, this prices of Breast Augmentation as well as revisions can vary widely from city to city. For example, a breast augmentation can cost 3-4 times in LA and New York what it costs in Montana.
In looking at the a price quote for breast augmentation, you should consider many variables.
1. The Surgeon's Fee. This can vary widely depending on the experience and results and thus demand for that surgeon. This also sometimes depends on technique. For example, a sub-muscular placement of an implant is much faster and thus takes less work for the surgeon than a sub-fascial placement of the implant that takes twice as long.
2. The Implant. The breast implant price depends on using a saline, memory gel, or highly cohesive (gummybear) implants. Usually saline implants cost about $1,000 for a pair, memory gel $2,000, and highly cohesive $3,000. If fat is used instead of an implant, then usually a fat harvest charge is used instead of implant fee as liposuction supplies are used and the fat purified in a variety of methods. The size of the implant does not matter, only the type of implant.  If a dermal matrix is needed then there is an additional charge (usually about $1,000).  In revisions, often the same implant can be used which saves on the implant costs.
3. Anesthesia. This can vary as well. If a board certified anesthesiologist is used then the price is higher. If a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) then the price is lower. It is even lower when a doctor just uses a non-certified anesthetist nurse, or just a medical assistant to push the anesthetic drugs (yes, this actually does happen).
4. Facility Fee. This can vary if the surgeon is using a certified surgery center or hospital vs. his non-certified office.
These four components make the total price, so it is best to break these down so the patient knows exactly what she is getting.
Realself has an average cost for each city.
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Revision breast surgery

The first thing you should do is return to the original surgeon for advice and information regarding surgery.  The cost will typically be less if performed by the original surgeon but not in all cases and of course the price will vary widely from practice to practice and within different geographic areas.  A photo of your preoperative appearance would also be helpful to see.  If the inframammary fold on the right side was signficantly higher to begin with or the skin of the lower pole of the breast was constricted this may be a contributing cause and important information for the next surgeon to have prior to any surgical revision.

Sean A. Simon, MD
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Difficult to give you a cost for this procedure

Your right implant is definitely lower than the left. There is the appearance of an extra fold on the right. It may be that the right breast crease was initially higher on the right. To correct this problem you will need a capsulotomy type of procedure. When I see a patient who has had a problem my first piece of advice is to return to your original surgeon. He may be willing to correct the problem at a reduced cost. The cost for this type of repair will vary from area to area so an exact cost determination is not possible .

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast Implants Revision Surgery

Dear Kaseysummy,
the cost is variable but it could be between 8,000$- 15,000$ depending on the surgeon
You may need replacement of the  implants ( depending on the size, shape, type) and you will require a specific procedure which is called capsulorrhaphy consisting in this case of reducing the size of the  lower breast pocket where the implant wll also need a repositioning of the inframmary crease
In this case the implants look displaced inferiorly with the lower pole of your breasts enhanced. therefore a smaller implant is recommended.
It is a difficult operation and my recommendation is to approach an experienced plastic surgeon
Kind regards

Riccardo Frati, MD
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How Much Does Breast Implant Revision Cost?

"Breast implant revision" is a complex specialty within plastic surgery because:

(1) it requires the successful, long term stable use of breast implant devices in a setting of previously altered/damaged chest wall anatomy(often numerous previous surgeries) leading to reduced anti-gravity support, and asymmetry. I have published an article on identifying these patients/cases before surgery in order to prevent revisions. Fortunately, our implants options are much better now than even five years ago, and the advent of soft tissue support(see ADMs #4 below) enhances their use in difficult situations.

(2)One must determine what the patient is looking for aesthetically---the end result. Size change is a frequent(largely preventable) cause of revision.  I have been using a breast 'language" of photographs successfully for 20 years to help determine what the desired end result should look like. If there is no agreed upon end result in mind what are the chances for ultimate success?

(3)Revision mastopexy is  especially difficult because the skin envelope(skin shape and size) as well as nipple areolar size and position are permanently changed, usually not optimally.

(4) Long term support and natural look and feel are the result of a well established anti-gravity foundation and soft tissue support that may require ADMs(internal bra) such as Strattice or SERI and possibly fat grafting to enhance the breast layer thickness. The hardest revision cases in general are post subcutaneous mastectomy reconstruction because all that is left is a patients muscles and skin. With these cases as a base of knowledge, most revisional cases can be handled successfully. 

(5) The final result may take one or more surgeries, depending on what the doctor and patient discuss and decide: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." However, my goal is for the post operative result to look as close to a primary augmentation(first time) as is possible.  The first operation generally leads to a significant improvement, restoring the patient's confidence that they are finally heading in the correct direction and towards their satisfaction being met. Fat grafting to the breast, done artistically and reliably, provides the "prescription" to cure asymmetry, rippling and mastopexy revisions. Fat grafting makes the entire feminine chest wall region look aesthetically beautiful and rejuvenated.

The cost of first stage reconstruction is frequently treated like a primary augmentation($7-10,000) except for the costs of the additional materials required to repair the pre-existing issues(see above). Some patients are happy and done, others will discuss additional revisional work at their discretion. If the original surgical plan requires a "touch up" that typically involves only a facility and anesthesia fee.

Hope this helps

Andrew Kornstein, MD, FACS
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