Can Gynecomastia Be Corrected with Chest Exercises?

Can an existing male Gynecomastia be counteracted by massive chest exercises?

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Can Gynecomastia be corrected with exercise?

In a word no. If gynecomastia could be corrected with exercise, I would intsruct my patients to do just that.  However, being fit makes the chest look the best it can. In fact, many, if not most of my gynecomastia patients are very fit and work hard to maintain their physique. Take a look at my gynecomastia before and after gallery to get an idea of what changes gynecomastia surgery can provide. 

Gynecomastia can be a life changing procedure for a man. I have performed gynecomastia on males in their teens to men in their seventies. Look for a plastic surgeon who has performed many, ,many gynecomastia surgeries, view many, many before and after photos and speak to previous patients.

In some males with gynecomastia the enlarged breast appearance is primarily dense, glandular breast tissue; in others it is primarily adipose (fatty) tissue. The most common form of gynecomastia involves a combination of firm, fibrous breast tissue immediately behind the areola and excess fatty tissue in the surrounding area. Sometimes there is no significant skin excess, while in other cases redundant skin must be surgically removed. Be sure to see a plastic surgeon who has treated all types of gynecomastia surgery and who can form a surgical plan that works for your specific needs.

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Can Gynecomastia be Corrected with Exercise?

Gynecomastia in general is the combination of excess diet resistant fat to the chest combined with glandular tissue, which is a white rubbery substance that develops in the male chest.  Sometimes this is caused as a result of unknown changes during puberty, while it can also be caused by steroid use, marijuana use or a number of other hormonal imbalances. For most patients, once this occurs it cannot be completely corrected with exercise. In some cases exercise will actually make the appearance worse because as the chest muscle gets stronger and fuller it pushes the glandular tissue out making the pointiness or feminine appearance of the chest more noticeable.

If you feel that your gynecomastia is purely due to excess weight then diet and exercise may be an option. However, for most patients gynecomastia requires a surgical procedure, which combines liposuction of the chest with glandular tissue removal through the areola as the best option. I can perform both of these surgeries through the same small lower areola incisions to minimize scarring and achieve a very masculine appearance to the chest.

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Gynecomastia and exercise

Exercise will build muscle and reduce fat.  Is will likely not affect the breast tissue (just as it doesn't in women).  For gynecomastia, surgical excision with chest wall liposuction is the best approach, particularly in someone who works out to give a smooth chest.

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Unfortunately not

If you have true gynecomastia then exercise will not improve by exercise. Sometimes it can mask small gynecomastia for a period of time but does not take it away nor does diet.  If it is pseudo-gynecomastia, then this is fat and not breast gland and this can be reduced with diet and exercise.

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Correction of Gynecomastia?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunate, gynecomastia cannot be corrected with chest exercises.

Gynecomastia comes from the Greek meaning "gyne" meaning woman and  "mastos"  meaning breasts.  It refers to abnormal development of large mammary glands in males.  The diagnosis can be made by physical examination where relatively firm tissue  (breast gland tissue) can be differentiated from relatively soft tissue (adipose tissue).

Breast prominence due to excessive adipose tissue is called pseudo-gynecomastia or lipomastia.  The differentiation of true  gynecomastia  from adipose tissue is important because the surgical treatment may differ. Usually  physical examination by a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is sufficient to make the diagnosis  and to determine the best course of treatment.

I have found that gynecomastia is often best treated with  partial excision of the prominent glandular tissue  as well as liposuction surgery of the peripheral chest area.  If the prominence of the chest wall is caused by adipose tissue, then liposculpture surgery alone may suffice.

I would strongly suggest that you make sure you are working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. You will find that this recommendation will be more important than any specific “miracle technology” that you will undoubtedly hear about.

I hope this helps.

Real Gynecomastia as oppose to Pseudo Gynecomastia and exercise

Real Gynecomastia is  mainly composed by Gladular Breast tissue .It is mostly an hormonal phenomenon and is not influenced by weight changes or exercise.In actuality it may appear larger when losing fatty tissue .Pseudo-Gynecomastia is composed of fatty tissue and losing weight and exercise can help to reduce the size of breast.

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Gynecomastia Correction

Gynecomastia cannot be corrected with chest exercises.  The only treatment (unless due to medication which is stopped) is surgical (usually a combination of excision and lipo); in fact, many of my gynecomastia patients have been weightlifters or other bodybuilders.

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Gynecomastia excercise

The short answer is no.  Diet will not reduce the actual amount of glandular tissue, which all men and women have to a greater or lesser degree.  Weight gain or loss and muscle development will change the amount of fat/muscle and will affect contour of your chest and may either camouflage or exacerbate the appearance of the breast bud in gynecomastia.

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Can Gynecomastia Be Corrected with Chest Exercises?

It really depends on whether or not you have true gynecomastia with glandular tissue or pseudo gynecomastia with just fat. If it's the latter then it may be amenable to exercise. If it's truly glandular and there is no medical reason for it then nothing will improve it other than surgery. The only way to know for sure is to book a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon near you to see what your options are. Best of luck! 

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Gynecomastia and Exercise

Gynecomastia is a medical condition to describe overly large breasts in men. Affecting 40-60% of men, gynecomastia can occur in men of all ages, body types and weights and is generally caused by a hormone imbalance, hereditary predisposition or excess weight. So even with the most diligent workout regimen and eating right, bottom line – massive chest exercises, or any other for that matter, simply won’t work to correct this condition. For men who suffer from gynecomastia, a breast reduction is the ideal procedure to reduce the breast size as it addresses the patient’s underlying issue of excess fat, glandular tissue and skin.

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