5 Weeks Post Op Arm Lift Why Arms Burn Razor Pain?

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Burning pain following armlift.

Thanks so much for your question.  I agree with my colleagues that you likely have nerve pain from the surgery.  It will start to improve but it will take time.  Some of that time depends on the nature of the nerve trauma and some of that time depends on your health.  If you are a smoker, diabetic or have other vascularity issues recovery may take longer.  Hope this helps somewhat.  The important thing is that the nerve pain almost always will go away with time.

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Pain after arm lift

Thank you for the question!  Hope that these answers help you.

I would recommend an evaluation by your surgeon.  There are several reasons for your pain (e.g., hematoma, infection, nerve entrapment, neuropraxia, etc.)  These are just a few of the things that it may be caused from.  However, only 5 weeks after your procedure, it is likely caused by neuropraxia...simply that your nerves are coming back.  Only by examination would one be able to tell you what the cause may be, however.  I would encourage massaging of the area for now in order to re-train some of the nerve endings as well as ice packs to the area.  You are still very early in the healing process - I hope that you will have an excellent result!  Good luck!

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Arm Lift

An examination is needed to make an accurate diagnosis, see your surgeon.

It is not unusual to experience sharp shooting pain at surgery site or hypersensitivity, pain. These symptoms can be controlled by massage and in severe cases medications.

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Burning Pain After Brachioplasty

Patients who undergo brachioplasty often complain of pain, swelling and skin hypersensitivity. These are normal findings immediately following surgery and usually resolve with time.

The burning sensation that you describe is known as a dyesthesia. It's very similar to what happens when your leg falls asleep. This phenomena occurs when nerves are compressed and stretched. In many cases, this is made worse by swelling.

Patients typically describe a tingling sensation which they describe as burning. In many cases, clothing rubbing against the area can elicit a pins and needles sensation.

Shooting pains can occur for a variety of reasons in the immediate post-operative period. The most likely causes include nerve regeneration and nerve fibers caught within scar tissue.

These symptoms usually resolve in about six to eight weeks without intervention. In some cases, aggressive massage can desensitize the area and minimize the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

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Arms Burn Razor Pain after Arm lift

Thanks for the question. At this stage of wound healing the most probable cause could be neuroprexia of lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm that at times is at rick during surgery being close to operative field. There are however other reasons as answered by other PS .Neuoprexia or even neutotomy will return to normal in about6 months time by recovery of the nerve and by neurotization from surrounding nerves the area that has pain now. Wish you good luck.

Pain after Arm Lifting Surgery?

Thank you for the question, but only your plastic surgeon will be able to give you meaningful advise and/or reassurance after direct physical examination. 

 Best wishes; hopefully, you'll be very pleased with the end result of the procedure performed.

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Pain at 5 Weeks after Arm Lift

     This could be a suture pop, scar, nerve entrapment, but you should see your plastic surgeon to be sure.

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Why Arms Burn

A little more description is needed for a useful response. One side or both? Near the incision? What type of arm lift? 

Probably best to address this to your surgeon. Best wishes. 

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