62 year old female patient

*Treatment results may vary

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This 62 year old woman had a massive problem with extra tissue after significant weight loss. She had a large amount of tissue hanging down to her thighs and large amounts of tissue on the abdominal wall. In addition, her breasts were very droopy and her back had a lot of extra tissue that you can see easily in the pre-op picture of her back. Besides this, she was very discouraged by her buttocks hanging down so much, and her inner thighs having so much extra tissue. She also wanted to have her arms thinned. During the consultation a plan was made involving a breast lift with implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, inner thigh lift, arm reduction and excision of a large amount of the tissue (12 inches in the vertical direction) of the back. This essentially will give her a buttock lift in the process as you can see from the post-op back photo. Many or most of the procedures can be done at one setting. The patient stays overnight, and is up and about the next morning. Several things are noted in this case. using implants with the breast lift gave her a very youthful appearance. The tummy tuck was done in a vertical and horizontal manner and in so doing, we were able to take advantage of the resection of all of the excess lower abdominal tissue and also the heavy tissue of the abdomen. Her muscles were tightened also. The buttock lift is especially interesting as you will note that her buttocks now has a more youthful lift and has so much less "heaviness" as compared to the pre-op picture.