Attractive African American actress in her mid-thirties who felt her nose was larger than her other features

*Treatment results may vary

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This is an attractive African American woman in her mid-thirties who began to realize when she saw herself on film that her nose was looking larger than the rest of her otherwise feminine facial features, especially when she smiled. She wanted me to change that look to a smaller, narrower, more balanced, feminine, perky, and up turned look rather than the elongated, droopy, wide look that she currently had. Using an open approach, the dorsal hump was removed, the tip was lifted and narrowed, a columellar cartilage graft was inserted for tip support, the bony bridge was narrowed, and a 3-4 mm alar base resection was done bilaterally. Note that the alar base incisions are carefully made precisely in the alar crease, closed by me under magnification with a very fine suture, and great care is taken to make this incision and subsequent scar as imperceptible as possible.