25-34 year old woman treated with Breast Implant Revision

*Treatment results may vary

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This lovely 27 year old woman from presented after having previous breast augmentation from another surgeon. The results from her initial surgery are obviously disappointing as she was larger than she wanted to be, and the implants had dropped below the breast fold. This patient was unhappy and requested correction. This involved exchanging the implants, removing the scar tissue capsule around the implants and reducing the space so that proper healing and proper implant positioning could take place. She is now seen at 3 months. Her desire to be smaller required exchange of her original 270cc style 468 textured, anatomical, saline implants to new 240cc smooth, round, silicone gel implants placed in the new pocked; she went from a C to her desired B cup. This is an excellent example showing how important it is to not violate the natural boundaries of the breast so that the attractive and natural curves and contours can be preserved. Size, shape, and proportion has been created to yield a feminine contour. A more youthful and shapely breast has been achieved.