25-34 year old man treated with African American Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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This Afro-Caribbean woman in her 20s was unhappy with the shape of the bridge of her nose, bulbous tip and large nostrils. She had undergone previous rhinoplasty by a general plastic surgeon who had removed large amount of cartilage resulting in reduced nasal support, a septal hole and alar retraction. Dr. Julian De Silva completed a revision ethic rhinoplasty and septoplasty augmenting her nasal bridge with graft material giving her a smooth and more elegant nasal profile. Dr. De Silva shapes the graft material to the individual person so no two are identical. In addition Dr. De Silva supported her nose with supporting grafts to maintain the nasal architecture long-term. In addition Dr. De Silva used conservative techniques to reduce the size of her nostrils. The reviewed photograph was taken 6-weeks after surgery, the photograph shows an improved nasal profile, with a straight nose with reduced nostril show, and overall an attractive and natural looking nose. At 6-weeks after revision rhinoplasty there is still swelling in the tip of the nose, this will improve over the next 6-months and more definition will be apparent in the nasal tip.