45-54 year old woman treated with Breast Implant Revision

*Treatment results may vary

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This 51 year old female was status post-breast augmentation surgery by another surgeon and not as pleased with her results as she desired. Her breasts sat lower on her chest wall than she desired and she began to do research for a surgeon who would be able to help her achieve her goals of more full and perky breasts through revisionary breast surgery. Dr. Pousti recommended exchanging her current implants and replacing them with saline implants. He also recommended a stage 1 breast lift to help move the areola up higher on the chest wall. In order to support the implant, Dr. Pousti would perform capsulorrhaphy. This too would help the implants to have more support and stay higher on the chest wall. The capsulorrhaphy procedure, also known as pocket correction or use of internal sutures/bra, involves closing a portion of the breast pocket to correct displacement of the implant. The patient is 3 months post surgery and has bilateral 780cc Moderate Plus Profile Saline Breast Implants.