55-64 year old woman treated with Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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This is a patient, in her early 50s, who had a breast augmentation with 450cc implants more than 15 years ago. She came to Dr. Lepore, after one of her saline implants had deflated. In addition, she had a capsular contracture in the other breast, along with sagging of both breasts, due to age and skin elasticity changes over time. She decided that she did not want to replace the implants, but was hoping to lift and reshape her natural breasts. Dr. Lepore discussed various options with her. It was determined that she would best be served with implant removal and removal of the scar tissue causing the contracture, and a Breast Lift. (In her case, a bilateral anchor mastopexy). There is more initial, visible scarring with this type of breast lift, but it more effectively addresses the type of sagging she would experience.