54 Year Old Female Beltlift

*Treatment results may vary

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54 year old female, 5'5' and 154 lbs at the time of surgery. Weighed 245 lbs and underwent gastic bypass surgery 5 years prior to being seen. Wanted to remove excess skin from her abdomen, hips, lower back and upper arms. I performed a circumferential beltlift followed by a brachioplasty 2 months later. We removed 3715 grams (8.2 lbs) of tissue during the beltlift and tightened the rectus abdominus as well. She had 135 grams removed from the right arm and 160 grams from the left. Her post-op photos are at 7 months for the beltlift and 5 months for the brachioplasty. Her weight has been stable around 135 lbs.