35 Year Old Female, Beltlift After Gastric Bypass

*Treatment results may vary

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35 year old mother of 2 children. 5'1" and 121 lbs at the time of surgery. She weighed 270 lbs before her gastric bypass surgery and was very unhappy with excess skin after her weight loss. She had a complete circumferential beltlift. We removed 3550 grams of tissue (7.8 lbs). The first photo is pre-op. She requested more firmness and tightening in her abdomen and we performed a vertical excision of the remainder of excess abdominal skin. We removed 240 grams of tissue (about 1/2 lb). The 2rd photo was taken 3 months after her vertical excision surgery. She maintains her weight in the mid to low 120's. We have also performed a breast lift, arm lift and liposuction to her anterior, medial, lateral and posterior thighs.