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Panniculectomy Only

I'm at the hospital right now, soon to go into surgery. I saw my doctor yesterday for the first time. He is a cutie, and so sweet. I really liked him alot. His name is Dr. RISHAVY from Duluth MN. I'm so thankful to be getting this done. Let's see if I say that after. I have been living with this... READ MORE

58 Years Old, Massive Tummy Apron and Breast Reduction - Iowa City, Iowa

I have lost 60 pounds so far.down to 313. The more weight I lose, the lower my bowling ball hangs. Embarrassed, legs, knees and back hurt, rash. Life us rough. I am on month 2 of 6 month paper journal for insurance. Can not wait, all I think about. I know it will change my life. Had friend get... READ MORE

Plus Size Panniculectomy

I weighed about 296 before surgery and after surgery I signed 274. I have hardly had any pain at all. I have had more pain from the swollen lip caused by the breathing tube being in for 5 hrs during the surgery than the actual surgery itself. I would do this procedure a hundred times over, it's... READ MORE

Post RNY, Not at Goal Weight, Large Pannus

I'm still newly post-op, but I'm already thrilled with the difference! I have a lap for the first time in my adult life! The pain hasn't been bad. Greatest discomfort is from the drains. Wound vac was placed preventatively, and hasn't pulled much fluid, but it might be helping more generally.... READ MORE

Thank you Dr Rhee!

I looked online and searched google reviews and thank God I expanded my radius of surgeons to Castle Rock. Dr Rhee was honest, understanding and so knowledgeable about what I wanted and what he can do to help. He is an expert and amazing surgeon who exceeded my expectations on what I even... READ MORE

Panniculectomy W/ Hernia Repair

I'm 3 weeks out and I'm not 100% satisfied with my results... I also received a new belly button that doesn't appear to be healing correctly. My surgeon did a beautiful job with the incisions, But he left 2 chunks of flabby skin hanging on the side where the drains were, which I am unhappy with.... READ MORE

44 yr old. Mini-panniculectomy.

Dr. Marion is an excellent surgeon, I had a great experience. He gave me options and made suggestions on what he felt I'd be happy with and why, based on our discussion. His staff is very friendly and attentive. I thought the surgery was easy, Dr Marion made me feel very comfortable and he did a... READ MORE

6 Wks and Counting

I am 6 wks out till my panniculectomy and as excited as am for am also freaked the f out!! I have been in this process since September and am finally on my surgery countdown... I am 40 and have went from 280 to 185 naturally... but the slapping belly sag is the worse part of it all... after... READ MORE

I'm So Sure It's Worth It

Surgery done yesterday. Stayed overnight at hospital. Very sore at the moment but I know it's well worth it. I have some pix but will post others once healing is more complete. I'm part of a study that gave me a wound vac to see if it helps with healing or not. I I'll get it removed when I go... READ MORE

Blsbygd - surgery date 08/14/14 Chesapeake, VA

52yrs old mom of 3 , all c-sections....lost 161lbs back in 1996, no surgery just working out at YMCA 3-4 times a wk. No diet ate normal food and deserts. My decision to get a panniculectomy was one of the best life changing experience I've made. No regrets Good experience all the way round.I... READ MORE

29yr old single mother trying to bring sexy back.. HA! Let myself go, lost 130 and tired of flabby droopy skin.

Love love love! I'm super happy so far with my results. Worst part were the drainage tubes but it's totally worth it.I can finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Confidence is sexy. I would do this again. I haven't worn a bikini in years! Finally starting to have the body I desire and... READ MORE

55 Year Old U. S. Navy Veteran

On august 12th 2017 it will be 3 years since I started changing my lifestyle from my best friends being McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and other fast food restaurants to walking everyday 7-10+ miles with my BFF Mollie ( check out her pics ). At this point I have lost 200 lbs naturally by... READ MORE

49 Years Old ,3 C-section and Overweight .

I had lost a 70 lbs and wanted to workout better but the pannus was so large it would get rashes ,hurt my back and was very ugly to look at. The staff was the best and my whole experience was top notch from beginning and still continue to be top notch .I would do this again and cant wait to... READ MORE

59 Year Old / 5C Sections/ Three Children / 5'9" / 209 Lbs

Two years ago I went to my private physician for re-occurring rashes below my belly along with backache. I was given a referral to one of the top plastic surgeons in Fresno. He told me told to lose weight and come back, he was brutally honest and insensitive to my feelings ...I was approved... READ MORE

51 Yo 2 Children Via C-section: Panniculectiony with Umbilical Hernia Repair After Almost 115 Lb Weight Loss Using Myfitnesspal

I've been approved for panniculectomy with umbilical hernia repair! I'm super excited and very nervous. I've had all my preop testing done now I'm waiting for surgery date. I originally had June 5 as my date but because she found a hernia we have to reschedule. My plastic surgeon will work with... READ MORE

Miracle About to Happen!

I wish I could use more characters!! I am having a panniculectomy of the bottom flap of skin/fat, a abdominalplasty for the upper layer of fat/skin with reconstruction, liposuction around my waistline and the reposition of my navel. I am hoping to have no excess skin and contour. (Insurance... READ MORE

175 Lb Natural Weight Loss and No More Belly Flab

I went to see my neurosurgeon in October to discuss my pain pump sticking out due to my weight loss over the last three years. He asked if I would be offended if he would refer me to a plastics guy in his circle. I said no that's fine I'm not sure what he can do but I'm open to it... I had my... READ MORE

Preparing for Surgery

Today I am having my Panniculectomy with Incisional and Umbilical Hernia repair. I'm down to 197 pounds since having my Gastric Sleeve in 2015. My weight before the Gastric Sleeve surgery was 337 pounds so I'm proud of my progress. It has been an exciting journey and I'll update you after... READ MORE

39 years old up coming surgery 2 weeks 6 days the count down begins super excited:)

I'm anxious nervous an excited at the same time I had previously had sleeve done for weight loss also had a breast reduction In about a year from now my next surgery will be a Brazilian butt lift an that will be it for me lol I will give y'all updates an pics soon Updates an pics soon to... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, 125lb Weight Loss. Ready to Ditch the Sag!

I had lapband in 2011, successfully lost and have kept off 125lbs. My starting weight was 303. Since then I have become a gym freak, going 5-6 days a week as well as doing cross fit 3 nights a week. However, the sagging skin remains. I have worked so hard for so long. Ready for my... READ MORE

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