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A panniculectomy removes the pannus, or the hanging flap of loose skin and fat, from the abdomen. Unlike a tummy tuck, this surgery does not tighten abdominal muscles. LEARN MORE ›

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6 Wks and Counting

I am 6 wks out till my panniculectomy and as excited as am for am also freaked the f out!! I have been in this process since September and am finally on my surgery countdown... I am 40 and have went from 280 to 185 naturally... but the slapping belly sag is the worse part of it all... after... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, 125lb Weight Loss. Ready to Ditch the Sag!

I had lapband in 2011, successfully lost and have kept off 125lbs. My starting weight was 303. Since then I have become a gym freak, going 5-6 days a week as well as doing cross fit 3 nights a week. However, the sagging skin remains. I have worked so hard for so long. Ready for my... READ MORE

Miracle About to Happen!

I wish I could use more characters!! I am having a panniculectomy of the bottom flap of skin/fat, a abdominalplasty for the upper layer of fat/skin with reconstruction, liposuction around my waistline and the reposition of my navel. I am hoping to have no excess skin and contour. (Insurance... READ MORE

56 Years Old, Massive Tummy Apron - Iowa City, Iowa

I have lost 60 pounds so far.down to 313. The more weight I lose, the lower my bowling ball hangs. Embarrassed, legs, knees and back hurt, rash. Life us rough. I am on month 2 of 6 month paper journal for insurance. Can not wait, all I think about. I know it will change my life. Had friend get... READ MORE

Preparing for Surgery

Today I am having my Panniculectomy with Incisional and Umbilical Hernia repair. I'm down to 197 pounds since having my Gastric Sleeve in 2015. My weight before the Gastric Sleeve surgery was 337 pounds so I'm proud of my progress. It has been an exciting journey and I'll update you after surgery. READ MORE

Lookin' Good at 60!

After having 2 large babies and then losing 40 pounds, I was left with a large and embarrassing tummy apron. At 200+ pounds, I knew I needed to lose more weight, but it felt futile and like a waste of time and effort because no matter how much I lost, the disfiguring tummy apron would still... READ MORE

28 150lbs Loss After RNY, Panniculectomy

Pre surgical appointment completed! things are getting real. After 3 years of waiting after approval, its finally happening! Loss of 150 lbs has left lots of skin on my belly. With such an active lifestyle it is difficult and painful to complete some of the exercises or activities I enjoy.... READ MORE

42 year old on last stage of journey

I had full bypass February 22 2015. My highest weight was 312. Start of program i weighed in at 279. Before surgery 259. Current weight 180. I have a panniculectomy scheduled on February 7th and am nervous and excited. Hoping for any heads up to help me prepare Scheduled for pre-op tomorrow. ... READ MORE

Panniculectomy :) - Dubuque, IA

Everything is finally set to go for Minday morning. I'm so excited to begin a new chapter in my life, but I'm also very nervous. My husband has never heard of this surgery and he just can't wrap his head around it. He's being as supportive as he can be though. Told the kids last night and... READ MORE

175 Lb Natural Weight Loss and No More Belly Flab

I went to see my neurosurgeon in October to discuss my pain pump sticking out due to my weight loss over the last three years. He asked if I would be offended if he would refer me to a plastics guy in his circle. I said no that's fine I'm not sure what he can do but I'm open to it... I had my... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and Inner Thigh Lift - Ypsilanti, MI

Well, here it is December 28th, the evening before my surgery. My initial consultation with Dr. DiNick was back in April 2016. I was positive when I left his office, that he was the right surgeon for me (after a not so great experience with another surgeon in December 2015). When I left his... READ MORE

Is It Worth It(weighloss and Subsequent Skin Surgeries)

After a total of 300/310 pound weightloss and horrible skin issues I am very happy to have had the Panniculectomy and supra pubis Panniculectomy. Yes it's only been 6 days but I would still do it again because for me this wasn't about cosmetic but about having a functional body and trying to... READ MORE

320 to 235...40yr Old Who's Lost 85 Lbs - Seattle, WA

I got approved for the procedure due to sores & rashes under belly. Which was issue one. Issue 2 was later diagnosed. I had my procedure done at the Seattle's Veteran's hospital. I went into the hospital on the 8th of December. I was nervous because the extra skin I grew accustomed to... READ MORE

Blsbygd - surgery date 08/14/14 Chesapeake, VA

52yrs old mom of 3 , all c-sections....lost 161lbs back in 1996, no surgery just working out at YMCA 3-4 times a wk. No diet ate normal food and deserts. My decision to get a panniculectomy was one of the best life changing experience I've made. No regrets Good experience all the way round.I... READ MORE

Getting my Apron Removed - Youngstown, OH

I'm using Dr. Adam Cash. Him and his staff have been great so far answering my questions. Now I just have to wait for it to get here. When I figure out how to upload pictures I will. I have been watching other people's experiences on here for a few months and am hoping for a good outcome. I've... READ MORE

Should've Done It Sooner! 39 Y/o, Gastric Bypass 2009

After losing over 90lbs and keeping off 60 of that, it was time to make another change. I had a breast reduction completed in 2013, and it was time to address my midsection. This was the best choice for me and I'm excited that I did it. I wad originally going to go back to the doctor that... READ MORE

30 Year Old, Mom of 3, Hernia/Diastasis Recti Repair/Panniculectomy - Illinois, IL

I am short and have carried 3 babies. I knew there was a problem after my last baby when my muscles were non-existent months after giving birth and my skin was hanging over my pelvis. I went to my Ob who said that I had a hernia and Diastasis Recti (abdomal muscle split) and that I needed to see... READ MORE

26yro w/160lb weight loss

After losing 160 pounds I had Dr. Gerstle remove the excess skin from my stomach. This was not a full tummy tuck, but he did tighten a few muscles up for me! I could not be happier! I feel more confident now and I'm extremely happy with the way my stomach looks! READ MORE

Panniculectomy & Abdominoplasty Post Weight Loss - Manhasset, NY

Extremely pleased with my results and much less pain/ discomfort than expected. At month 6 of recovery, still get some swelling if I'm super active and out in the heat, but it's gone by am. Full results and nerve regrowth expected by month 12. Going back to have my thighs and arms done in the... READ MORE

41 Years Old 3 Kids and Gastric Sleeve - Jacksonville, FL

I am 4 days post op and am very happy with what I have seen so far. I had the panneculectomy, abdominoplasty, and liposuction done. It has been very uncomfortable and I hate being so limited in activities but it is well worth it! The pain has been minimal from the actual surgery but the sites... READ MORE

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