Swelling + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Side of Nose Curving Outward After Restylane Injection?

I had a Non-surgical nose job less than 48 hours ago. Restylane was injected to smooth out some bumps on the left side of my nose. I am a little... READ MORE

Can Fillers Used on the Bridge of Your Nose Make Your Bone Swell? (photo)

I have had juvederm injected into the bridge of my nose underneath a small lump to fill it in and look straight this worked and a little swelling... READ MORE

I want thinner nostrils without surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty for 10 months ago. And now I am still unhappy with my nostrils. They are still wide as before. I want them as shown in the photos, a... READ MORE

My Nasal Bone Swelled by Putting Pressure on Both Sides, Will It Return to Normal? (Photo)

Hi, my name is jairus, i always want to make my nasal bone narrowed just like the others, so i grab a solid object and push both sides of my nasal... READ MORE

Drooped nose tip after non surgical nose job. Is this swelling or does this need to be corrected? (Photo)

I had a filler injected in my nose in order to smooth out a bump within the last 12 hours. my nose now seems to look wider and with a drooped tip that... READ MORE

Ice and Hot Water to Treat a Punched Nose?

A couple of days ago, I got punched in the nose and it swelled, so I was told that if I don't put ice on it for 2 days and then hot water on the... READ MORE

Is my nose still swollen after non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Hi guys! I had a non-surgical rhinoplasty performed about 48 hours ago. I haven't really been icing, just taking arnica. There is still a bit of... READ MORE

Inflammation to restalyn injection site 2 months post non surgical rhinoplasty (Photo)

The swelling is at the exact injection site. Could this be a late onset allergic reaction or just a bug bits or cystic pimple? It doesn't hurt much,... READ MORE

I have a bump on just one side of my nose, and I believe it is because of a dip. Non surgical rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Is non surgical rhinoplasty a good option; and if it has to be done every 6-12 months, will it look different every time? Also, at what age can I look... READ MORE

Straighten my nose without Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I've heard of clips/clamps, but the idea just sounds painful and pointless. I'm not looking to change the size of my nose, I just want it straight. It... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a non surgical nose job after a Rhinoplasty?

I'm 4 years post op. The septo-rhinoplasty was a success and overall my nose looks much better, but I have a bump on the right side which is quite... READ MORE

Had non-surgical nose procedure done at the beginning of January and came back the next day to have the fillers removed (Photo)

I examine the condition of my nose on a daily base and the sides of my nose feel lumpy,so I'm trying to determine if its just an after effect of... READ MORE

I Had Teosyal Injected in the Bridge of my Nose, I Find Now That my Nose is Bloated Particularly in the Tip.

I had the HA filler teoysal injected in the bridge of my nose to give it a slight elevation this worked, but now my nose is taken more of a bloated... READ MORE

I Had the Tip of my Nose Lifted with Suspension Sutures. How Long Til Swelling Goes Down?

The tip of my nose is a bit higher then i would like it to be but i was told it will go down... the thing is its been a week and its only gone down a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - help with bump and it looks the same as my old nose (Photo)

I got my nose done 3 weeks ago in peru and i live in the united states. When my cast cameoff, it was too late to tell the doctor anything since there... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non surgical nose job? (photos)

I'm 4 months post rhinoplasty. Besides swelling, nothing has changed and my nose is starting to go back to how it looked before. There is a dent on... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical way to fix this? If not, what can I do and what is the cost? (Photo)

About nine months ago I hit my nose really against a metal bar. At first there was some swelling and then I was left with a bump on the side of my... READ MORE

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