1 Month Post-op + Neck Lift

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I Have What Looks Like A Rope Around My Neck Following Facelift/Necklift

I had a face lift and a neck lift a month ago. As a result, I now have what appears to be a small rope around 1/2 of my neck. Additional my right side... READ MORE

What Caused This Raised Tissue After my Neck Lift? (photo)

It's 5 weeks after neck lift surgery. I still have severe swelling and a long tube/roll of raised and rigid tissue at the adams apple level of my... READ MORE

Lumpiness and Mottling 4 Weeks After Necklift? (photo)

I posted photos at 10 days post-op with concern about ropey swelling. I am now 4 weeks out. Photos are below. The ropey swelling has gone down some,... READ MORE

Neck lift gone wrong. What can I do to help it? (Photo)

Can someone please tell me after 4weeks why my neck looks this way and what I can do to help it. My doctor just told me to massage it but I feel like... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Jowl Lipo and Neck Lift. What is Going On? (photo)

My left side seems more swollen and loose. My smile is still crooked and I'm miserable. :(. I see my doctor next week. Can my jowls still tighten? Im... READ MORE

How Can I Speed Up Healing to Creases & Lumps Left by Chin/neck Lipo? (photo)

I'm 33,female, & physically fit. I had a diet & exercise resistant double chin. 27 days ago I got a chin implant with chin and neck... READ MORE

How Long Should I Be Experiencing Very Painful Headaches and Swelling in my Temple Area Above Both Ears After a Neck Lift?

It's been a month since my surgery and I did see my dr, who I do the the utmost confidence in,last week about this. He said it was just inflammation... READ MORE

5 Wks Post Neck Lift Now " Intermittant" Swelling and Choking Feeling a Good Sign of Complete Relief in Time?

I had a platysmaplasty 5 weeks ago under both my ears and my neck below ears gets hard ,swollen, but an overall a feeling of being "choked"... READ MORE

Still Having Pain 5 Weeks Post Op, Possible Causes?

I had a smas lower face and neck lift 5 weeks ago. Unfortunatly I had complications-- multiple hematomas, severe swelling and bruising. In fact I am... READ MORE

Visible muscle bulging in neck after neck lift- what happened?

I am 4.5 weeks post facelift/neck lift. My neck looked great during the early weeks when there was still swelling. Now that the swelling has gone, I... READ MORE

Will the Lumps Bumps and Tightness Go Away?

I'm one month out from a facelift w/ neck lift. I see a small improvement in my chin (from before surgery) but not back closer to my neck. It... READ MORE

Revision neck lift 1 month ago - incisions not healing well. (photo)

My revision neck lift was performed April 7, 2014. My loose skin was pulled very tight, which I love. At my last check up, my PS noted that my... READ MORE

What needs to be done now? I had a neck lift with lipo done 23 weeks ago? (photo)

Picture 1 is 16 weeks post op. I went in for a revision at 18 weeks post op and had liposuction of the chin that was filled with water under local... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, I seem to have this thick banding on my neck. What is this? (photos)

I am nearly 4 weeks post op face/neck and eye lift. Right side of my neck was extremely swollen but has gone down a little everyday. I now seem to be... READ MORE

It's Ok to See or Shows Your Salivary Glands After Neck Lifting? (photo)

I saw my doctor after 4 weeks post op, my neck /chin was swelling and I had this 2 rounds things on each side of my neck and the doctor said today... READ MORE

Is 4 wks post Chin Revision too soon to fix leftover hanging skin under local? Would you suggest a horse shoe type scar? (photo)

After 4 weeks from the chin lift My scar tissue is very soft and swelling is gone under chin. The doctor did a good job with my smas facelift in... READ MORE

I'm wanting your opinions on whether or not I'm going to need a revision neck lift sometime within the next year. (photo)

I had a neck lift procedure 4 weeks ago and as the swelling has completely resolved I have noticed laxity midline. I am 55 years old, thin and had a... READ MORE

Best next step to correct cobra deformity? (photos)

I had revision platysmaplasty done 5 weeks ago to try to correct a cobra deformity that occurred after my initial FL/NL surgery done in May 2014. The... READ MORE

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