Lumpiness and Mottling 4 Weeks After Necklift? (photo)

I posted photos at 10 days post-op with concern about ropey swelling. I am now 4 weeks out. Photos are below. The ropey swelling has gone down some, but I still have lumpiness and now more puckering and mottling of the skin. Is this normal? I have been doing massage. I see my PS in 2 days. What should I ask him?

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Lumpiness after neck lift

It is very common to have contour irregularities following a neck lift. It can take several weeks to months for the skin to achieve it's ultimate natural contour. Massage can be helpful. That being said, I would make sure to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you are healing normally.

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Swelling after neck lift

The swelling you are describing is normal following a face and neck lift. In some instances feeling tightness without any swelling is common. Warm compress and time will resolve your swelling. Good luck with healing.

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Lumpiness and Mottling 4 Weeks After Necklift?

This lumpy quality may well improve with time. This is not uncommon.

Kenneth Hughes, MD
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Temporary vs long term neck irregularity


Thank you for the question and the photos.   At this early stage I suspect that time and massage alone will go a long way to correct/improve the issues you are describing.  There some issues that may last quite a while such as over resection of fat through liposuction.  At this time I would continue to give your body additional time and discuss with your plastic surgeon the timeframe in assessing whether any revision will be beneficial.

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Lumpiness and Mottling 4 Weeks After Necklift?

 I have performed Face Lifts and Neck Lifts for 25 years.  IMHO, the rope like swelling was due to the suction drain inside the neck tissue.  This should slowly resolve within several weeks.  No matter what anyone tells you...full Neck Lifts and traditional Face Lifts have a significant amount of tissue dissection.  This means that lumps, bumps and swelling can take months to resolve.  This is why I belive minimal incision Face Lifts, with far less tissue dissection, fall more in line with patients lifestyle and desire for a quicker recovery.  

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Neck Irregularity

Thank you for your question and provided images. As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon I have performed countless necklift procedures, and am very certain this is not a cause for worry. What you are describing is often a very common concern from patients during the healing process of their neck lift and/or neck liposuction.  Often the “lumpy” appearance is attributed to a  intrusion in lymphatic drainage.  I advise all prospective neck lift patients that prior to undergoing the procedure, there is a significant amount of tissue interruption which can lead to such an issue. However, consistent massage on the treated area allows for drainage to disperse and swelling to reduce.  For severe cases, steroids can be administered to the affected area, however most patients find daily massage to the area eradicates the problem within weeks. I advise you to speak to your medical professional about the most beneficial massages to maximize drainage. Good luck and happy healing!

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Neck lumpiness after neck lift

What you describe is very common after neck lift or neck liposuction.  It may be from minor interruption in lymphatic drainage.  This usually resolves, but may take a long time (sometimes months).  I will sometimes inject steroids into any particularly firm areas.  Massage is usually a good idea as well.  Just let your plastic surgeon take a look. 

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