What Caused This Raised Tissue After my Neck Lift? (photo)

It's 5 weeks after neck lift surgery. I still have severe swelling and a long tube/roll of raised and rigid tissue at the adams apple level of my neck. My PS has treated this with steroid injections at 2 weeks and 5FU injection at 4 weeks. My PS has been vague as to the cause and I have been told it will eventually heal. I am skeptical. Do you have any thoughts on what might have happened?

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Scaring after a neck lift

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It's difficult to say what has caused the contour irregularities in your neck. Patients who have had postoperative hematomas or seromas or infections can have healing problems that look similar to this. Massage, antibiotics, and judicious use of steroids may help with resolution of the swelling. I would stay in touch with your surgeon and give it a bit more time.

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Firm Ridge After Neck Lift Explained

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Although the majority of the swelling is mostly resolved in the majority of patients by 3 months, it may not be in all and waiting a year is often required for those. The linear ridge of swelling at the bottom of the neck can be caused by the drain if used, serum (seroma), blood (hematoma) or an edema ridge as fluids run downhill especially if your chin was in a down position during the early healing process which traps edema in a roll of skin. Often lymphatic massage, ultrasound, low salt diet among other recommendations may be helpful for many. Regular follow up with your plastic surgeon is indicated. Use of dilute steroid mixed with 5FU is often very helpful in my experience to speed the resolution, but this will take some time to completely resolve which is the case most often in my experience. It sounds like your plastic surgeon is doing the right things.

Neck lift problems

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Your result is not going very well at this point and there are many potential causes.  Only your surgoen can really speculate on why this is happening.  I'd stick close to them, follow instructions, massage the area and give it 6 months of healing time.

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Uneven Contour after Neck Lift

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The bumps and irregularities underneath your chin are likely the result of some old blood and fluid accumulation after your surgery. The firm texture is the result of this fluid becoming more solid and the inflammation reaction as your body breaks this fluid down. Steroid injections and 5 FU injections may help decrease some of the swelling. Sometimes warm compresses and massage can also help. With time, the irregularities should disappear, but it is important to keep seeing your surgeon so that your progress can be followed.

Gregory J. Vipond, MD, FRCSC
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Neck lumps and irregularities

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The neck lumps and irregularities you are experiencing are most likely the result of blood collecting under the skin and your body's reaction to it.  It appears that your PS is handling the situation appropriately

Raised tissues on your neck after necklift.

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Your photo is very helpful, thank you.  A direct physical exam would be best to evaluate this and your plastic surgeon is in the best position to know what was done during the surgery.   Some common causes of appearances like this are collections of blood or fluid under the tissues, an infection in the tissues or residual areas of fat.  For now I would try the most conservative approach and let the tissues heal, mature and soften.  External massage and possibly ultrasound treatments may help to hasten the softening.  Antibiotics can be used if there is strong concern about an infection.  Steroids should be used carefully due to the possibility of tissue thinning.  Follow up closely and frequently with your plastic surgeon.

What Caused This Raised Tissue After my Neck Lift?

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 You appear to have multiple issues from the photo that you may want to discuss with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Neck Lift.

What Caused This Raised Tissue After my Neck Lift?

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Thanks for the posted photo. Appears as an irregular release or an inadequate liposuction of the neck. Must rule out seroma, infection, sequlae of the steroid/5 FU therapies. I would recommend a course of antibiotics, external aggressive massages, external low level ultrasound therapy. Follow up would be nice. Best of luck. Also seek in person second opinions. 

Raised tissue after facelift.

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Only your surgeon knows what was done in this area.  All surgeon's can have an area of delayed healing and it is always difficult and scary for the patient. The swelling will go down with time but I hide ultrasound for this. I would avoid steroid injections since this can cause absorption of fat. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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