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Natrelle's FDA-approved breast implants come in both silicone and saline, as well as a variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles to provide a customized fit. Natrelle offers a comprehensive warranty program guaranteeing free implant replacement for up to 10 years in the event of capsular contracture.

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31 Year Old, 2 Kids breastfed, Tuberous Breasts! "Donut Lift" - Vancouver, BC

Looking to add some fullness to my breasts, not expecting perky perfect breasts, but at least be able to wear all the clothes I haven't ever been able to pull off! I never had large breasts, but after breast feeding, they went from an A cup to an AA cup! I'm hoping to get 300cc, that would be a... READ MORE

34 Year Old, 3 Kids, Petite, Natrelle 260 Cc High Profile Unders

I was deflated and looked to restore lost volume! Im 5'3" and athletic, 112 lbs. went with 260 C C high profile as my BWD was 10.5-11. I also had an umbilical hernia repair done the same day. Went with Natrelle classic as they were softer than inspira. Currently measure 29" under the breast... READ MORE

5'5" 112,35, 4 kids, all breastfed, saggy, mild ptosis, 335/365cc Natrelle Soft Touch SRF submuscular, dual plane, transaxillary

Having my surgery done in 2 weeks!! I am very excited and 100% confident in my choice of doctor. I have been searching for a local doctor who's work I like for a long time and it's been hard. I'm so glad I found Dr. Iteld. His staff is amazing-especially the patient coordinator Caryle. I'm... READ MORE

43 yo mother of two, 250cc under (formerly "Petite and Second Guessing in St. Louis!")

Surgery is right around the corner (this Friday) and I'm still unsure if I really want to go through with it. My entire life (at least starting in 7th grade) I've wanted to have breasts. For me, it's about feeling more feminine and fitting clothes better. I'm petite (just shy of 5' 4", 110 lbs).... READ MORE

5'7", A cup, 330/295cc -- These are a Gift for Myself! - Braunschweig, DE

I was a skinny adolescent and a dancer, and I waited a long time to develop fully through puberty – for naught, apparently. It wasn't until I was 21 and had finally gained hips and stretch marks that I realized genetics was not going to bless me as it had my two sisters; I was destined to have m... READ MORE

5'1", 98lbs, was 32AA. Now: 345cc HP silicone (32C) Love them!

I've always wanted to get them done but was fearful of surgery and concerned of the high cost in NYC. Then last year, I had to have uterine fibroids surgery. I recovered very quickly and had no problems with surgery or terrible scarring (I normally get keloids.) Now being less afraid of surgery... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation

I am 28 years old. I had my son in 2010. I breastfed so my fellow mothers know what that does to your nice perky prebaby breast. I am a 36B at VS. Stats: 5'0; 150 lbs; I have a very curvy lower half. For the woman who wonder what not a flat stomach, very short woman, with hips and a butt look... READ MORE

UK - 29yrs - Natrelle 410 - Pre-op a - 215cc - Norwich, GB

Hello ladies, Just adding a review from the UK, smaller Natrelle 410 implants. To get stats out the way: 29 years old 5'7" / 173cm 8st5lbs / 119lbs Pre op - A cup I'm day 1 post op, but will give you my pre-op info quickly. I didn't want massive boobs, in fact I wanted quite conservative... READ MORE

42 Years Old 5'7" 140lbs, Breastfed 3 babies, HP Silicone Implants and Tummy Tuck, Regina Sk.

Dr. G did my breast augmentation over a year ago, and I couldn't be happier! He listened to me and what I wanted. He is very kind, patient, knowledgeable, great bedside manner, just all around an amazing surgeon! I Absolutely love my results and am so glad I chose Dr. Ghremida to do my... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 5'6, 2 Kids, Feeling Deflated, 34b Going for 375cc Natrelle Round Under Muscle

I've finally decided to go for it! I use to be happy with my breast. I was a perky 34c but after 2 kids, breastfeeding and loosing weight my chest has deflated to an empty 34b. My bras gape and tops often feel 'empty'. I have never purchased an unpadded bra and recently my confidence in... READ MORE

40 yrs old, 5'8", Natrelle 410 FF 425cc Silicone Gummy-bears

Hello there, I am a 40-year-old woman who is a mother to one biological child. I did not breastfeed due to post-partum depression and having to go on an anti-depressant straightaway after birth. I am currently 163 lbs, 5’8” in height. I will be receiving Natrelle Silicone 410 Tea... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, No Kids, 108 lbs, 5'3, 32B Pre Op, 32DDD/32E Post Op, 450cc Natrelle "Gummy Bear" Silicone Implants Unders

All my friends have went to Dr. Liland, but before that I fell in love with all of their boobs and then I asked where they got them done and they all named him! It was perfect! I knew exactly what doctor I wanted to go to! I didn't even check out any other doctors! He makes it easier than a root... READ MORE

27y/o no kids 325cc under the muscle natrelle silicon gel

Day1 after surgery and I'm very sore. I have sensation in my nipples (yaaay) currently icing as often as possible. I'm taking Norco for pain and Keflex to prevent infection. I get to shower tomorrow for the first time since surgery day. My back is killing me! My most pain is not from the... READ MORE

385cc Full Projection Overs - London, GB

Hello everyone! I have found this site so useful I have decided to share my journey. Pre-op: * 32A * 5"6 * 128 pounds The size I chose: * 385cc * Natrelle Inspria Soft Touch * Full Projection (Moderate Plus) * Over the muscle * Hoping for 32C/32D Like many of you I have been... READ MORE

Natrelle 415/370 SSF - Calgary, AB

Hi everybody! Let me just say how amazing this website is! Everyone is so open and helpful! I have been wanting bigger boobs for quite a few years now. I feel like I am out of proportion because I have hips and a bubble butt but my breasts are super tiny. Don't get me wrong..I love my body and... READ MORE

Breast aug mom of 1

I got 475 cc style 20 naturelle. I wanted to go big but not fake. In order to not have to get a lift dr suggested that I do the 475. I also had lipo done under my arms and he was awesome and took off some of my moles. READ MORE

5'4, 128, 2 Kids, Breastfed 4 Consecutive Years Natrelle 410 240 LF

After breastfeeding my two kids for 2 years each (4 consecutive years) I was left with zero breast tissue. I never quite had full breasts 34B at most, although at my heaviest (dreaded freshman 15, more like 30 lbs for me :-( : 145 lbs) I managed to be a 34C. After kids however I could barely... READ MORE

BA - Natrelle Cohesive Gel (550cc/600cc). 6'-0" Tall & 180 Lbs

After wanting a BA for so many years, I am booked in for Jan 10 with Dr. Hasell in Lethbridge, AB. He was the only surgeon I wanted to see as his reviews are amazing and he's been doing this for 22 years now. He's very professional and patient and his staff that I have dealt with are great too.... READ MORE

550cc Natrelle Inspira Style 20 Under Muscle - Austin, TX

Sooo it's been almost 2 months, I've been wanting a breast aug for over 10-12 yrs. Current weight 178lbs(4 kids) never got bigger than a B. Not exactly What I expected, kinda wish I went larger but Im kinda chunky so I'm sure it would look even more lovely if I were back to what I was before... READ MORE

29yrs, 2 Kids, 5'6, 140lbs, pre-op 34B- 371cc (1yr post op)

So it is February 14 and I am anxiously awaiting my consultation appointments Herr in Windsor. I have one with Dr. Neissen and one with Dr. Snowden. Snowden is more known for BA here in Windsor, Ontario, but Niessens office was SO helpful over the phone as to my questions of what to expect,... READ MORE

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