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Buried Penis, Scrotum, Constriction/Pain. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi I'm 25 years old and weigh 220 lbs and have a large fat mass surrounding my penis and scrotum. Penis size is normal. The glans frequently... READ MORE

Bruised Penis After Abdominal Liposuction

I'm a 39 year old male that just had abdominal liposuction. I had my love handles, abs and lower abdominal section worked on. It has been 2 days... READ MORE

Suprapubic Liposuction for Fat Pad Around Penis

Im 24 and weigh 19 stone although i used to weigh 25 stone. My problem is that i have a pad of fat around my penis which is between an inch and an... READ MORE

Recovery from Pubic Liposuction - Male

I had pubic liposuction 5 days ago. I have the following concerns: 1. Bruising and swelling of the groin, scrotum and penile shaft. 2. A soft... READ MORE

I'm a male and I want to get pubic liposuction, will this permanently affect my penis size in any way?

I've heard the skin can contract from this procedure, will this skin contraction affect the size of my penis at all? READ MORE

Is Supra-pubic Liposuction Effective?

I used to be obese at nearly 300 lbs in my late teens. I am now 30 at 230 lbs (aiming for 210). I have a fat pat surrounding my penis and testes that... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op Male Pubic Lipo - Lumps, Swelling, Erection Problems

I've spoken to my surgeon over the phone and will see him in person over the weekend with my concerns. I wanted some additional opinions. After 2... READ MORE

In the first photo the base of my penis has a lot of fat that curves down, can this be fixed with pubic liposuction?

Can pubic liposuction make the curve at the bottom of my penis look like the second photo where the fat is gone and the base of my penis is at a 90... READ MORE

Buried penis liposuction; is this type of procedure covered by insurance?

I'm curious about getting help with a buried penis. I've always had a fat pad. While I'm working on my body, that area doesn't seem to respond to... READ MORE

Could my compression vest too tight if my penis and scrotum are completely turned purple?

I had gynecomastia removed via vaser lipo yesterday as well as my belly and love handles. The doc has me in a full compression vest with a second... READ MORE

Looking to see about liposuction in public mons area.... (photo)

Can it be done....does it increase size of Penis, by getting rid of fat down in that area READ MORE

Liposuction of the pubic fat pad- how much increase in visible penis length?

Hello, My penis length right now is 5.3 inches (visible length), and 6 inches (pressed into pubic bone). I'm considering liposuction of the pubic fat... READ MORE

How do you cover the newly exposed penis during a pubic lift/lipo procedure?

I saw another question posted and I have the same problem, but different question. The gentleman said that his circumcision and his deep pubic fat... READ MORE

I am inquiring about Liposuction for the area above where my penis use to be. What is the % of surgeries that are successful?

My husband had a penectomy and also the removal of lymph nodes in the pelvic area several years ago. Since then the area above the penis has become... READ MORE

Will pubic liposuction increase visible penis size for non-overweight male?

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon recently as I was interested in liposuction around the base of the penis to increase the visible length of... READ MORE

There seems to be a fatty tissue at the base of my penis, what procedure can make this curve a 90 degree angle? (Photo)

I want to get pubic liposuction, would that help get rid of this fat and help make it into a 90 angle or is there another procedure I have to get for... READ MORE

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