1 Month Post-op + Fat Transfer

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The Truth About Fat Injections in Cheeks, 4.5 Weeks out

I had small bags under my eyes. The doctor suggested to take fat out of my thighs and inject it into my cheeks; so I stupidly agreed and I do not like... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Stain Post Fat Transfer: Hemosiderin or Hyperpigmentation?

I am just about a month out of a horrible lower fat transfer to my lower eyes that has left my right eye lumpy and bumpy, and my left eye still hollow... READ MORE

When Can I Diet and Exercise, Lift Weights and Do Cardio After a Butt Fat Transfer?

Im 6 weeks out of getting a butt fat transfer and cant wait to get back in shape, Im gaining weight doing nothing at home and eating. I gain weight... READ MORE

Too Much Fat Injected During Transfer-looking Distorted and Freakish?

I had almost 80 cc's of fat injected during a facelift to cheeks, eyes, lower face, chin, lips and temples. Its approx 1 month out and it looks awful.... READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Pain a Month After my Fat Transfer to Butt?

5 wks postop & about a week ago I started feeling pain. All along the inside of my butt crack from top to bottom, on the left side, is HARD &... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration... READ MORE

I need help I hate my cheeks it's been a month now what can I do to make the swelling go down? (photo)

I got fat injected into my cheeks a month ago my Dr's office said just ice them. I'm so depressed I don't wanna do anything it doesn't look like me I... READ MORE

Can anything be done to remove or fix fat transfer in under eye and cheek area?

I had upper and lower bleph surgery along with fat transfer in my eye and cheek area . I now look like I have two bruised festoons under my eye. It... READ MORE

Extremely Swollen 4 Weeks After Fat Transfer?

I got fat injected under my eyes to correct my dark circles. Four weeks later, I'm still very swollen. My left eye isn't TOO bad, but it looks like I... READ MORE

Possibility of Gaining Facial Fat After Facial Lipo

Its 5 weeks post facial lipo and chin implant.i have adjusted to the new look but still want some fat below my cheeks naturally.my doc assured that i... READ MORE

Forehead graft 4 weeks ago, one side bigger than other. Is this swelling? (photo)

Please help me i just had fat graft 4 weeks ago. and its look like my right side is bigger than my left forehead. i asked my doctor and he advice if... READ MORE

How common is Calcification after fat transfer? Should I be concerned?

I had a fat transfer in February- and at this point I am worried about certain things that I did not know at the time I got my transfer. I had fat... READ MORE

I Had a Fat Transfer Under my Eyes 4 Weeks Ago There is a Slight Improvment How Long Until I See The Final Result?

I Had a Fat Transfer Under my Eyes 4 Weeks Ago There is a Slight Improvment How Long until I see the final result? READ MORE

Do I have fat necrosis? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer to my hips 4wks ago. Healing was going well, up until a week ago the swelling on my left hip didn't go down like my right hip. As... READ MORE

Tips to Help Reduce my Cheek Fat Injections?

Am 23 yrz old and I've had cheek fat injections and it's been almost a month now ..I wanted a small amount but it ended up more than I wanted and I... READ MORE

Smoking and Face Grafting?

Hey, I did faical grafting month ago and I hate the result and am already a smoker so does that will help to reduse the fats? READ MORE

When Should I Become Concerned About the Asymmetry of Fat Transfer to my Jaw Line?

I am four weeks post op from a fat transfer to my jaw line and a chin implant. My jaw line is quite asymmetrical at this point. The right side has... READ MORE

Is it normal for one breast to be larger than the other 5 weeks post fat transfer?

I had a fat transfer 5 weeks ago and one breast is larger than the other and still a little red and some lumps. The lumps are going slowly although... READ MORE

I had fat grafting done 1 month ago. Can I get rid of it?

I had fat grafting 1 month ago under eye area and cheek by a good doctor. I now still have swelling and looks bruised still. The doctor says it is... READ MORE

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