Will I lose the fat transferred to my breast if I work out?

I had fat transfer to breasts. A cup to B cup. I wanted to know how long i need to wait until i can start working out again? My doctor tole me 4 weeks. I am on week 4 post op, but I feel that is too soon, Will I lose any of the transferred fat once i start to workout again?? I am a runner and heavy weight lifter. I workout 5 days a week approx 2 hours a day. Should I start easing back into working out?

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Work Out

Thank you for posting your question. Different physicians have different post-op instructions, but you should be able to start some light exercising on week 4. Always start light for a few weeks before you return to your normal routine. Unfortunately, on average half of the transferred fat would eventually be reabsorbed. If you lose weight, you will likely loose the fat at your breasts. It is, however, hard to be sure as some people lose lots of their breasts volume as they lose weight while others are able to maintain their cup size.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after fat transfer

You are best to ask your surgeon when he will allow you to go back to the gym. I will say that if you go on to lose weight , the breasts too may shrink a bit.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Easing your worries after fat transfer

I recommend following your Dr's protocols. If you're concerned that your exercise regimen is too rigorous right now, maybe adjust it for a few more weeks until your comfortable. If you remain concerned, contact your Dr.  Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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