4 weeks post op fat transfer to tear trough; still in pain and feeling tightness? (Photos)

Hi, today is exactly 4 weeks post op.Lower eyelids still hurt and feel the hardness/tightness when blinking the eyes or when the eye muscles (love bands) move at any facial expressions. My puffy dark circles have become 2 big round puffy panda eyes now. I am disappointed with the much lower and prominent tear trough lines. I am already thinking of doing lower blepharoplasty to remove those fat. How soon can i do it? Thanks in advance!

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Fat transfer after care

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At this stage (4 wks) post op patience is your best friend. My recommedations:

1. See your surgeon. We all have small tricks to help with post op edema

2. My trick: Salt restricted diet for 3 wks (less than 1000mg/day). This can significantly reduce the swelling. Possibly to the point of you being happy.

3. You are young. You have beautiful skin. This will even improve after the fat transfer and the skin of the tear trough should tighten. I suspect the best is yet to come.

Hope this helps.


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