Orbital Decompression + Eyelid Surgery

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What Are Some of the Risks That Orbital Decompression Carries? (photo)

I have asked a question before concerning my prominent bulgy eyes and have received some very insightful answers from some of the doctors on this site... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Cosmetic Orbital Decompression for Inherited Protruding Eye? (photo)

Hi, I have inherited protruding eyes & it is severely effecting my life,greatly lowering my self esteem and self confidence and putting me into... READ MORE

How could I get rid of my bulgy eyes? (Photo)

Firstly, i DO NOT have graves disease (that's been completely ruled out, these eyes are hereditary). Other than orbital decompression, is there a way... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for genetic bulging/prominent eyes? (Photo)

I'm 27, male, and healthy. I don't have Graves' disease or any thyroid problems. This is just the way my face looks. My eyes are naturally prominent... READ MORE

What the cost for orbital decompression surgery? (Photo)

I have gave eye disease.. I had surgery to my thyroid 3years ago and my eyes are still big and my self-esteem is real low,I just don't feel like my... READ MORE

Fat Removal Orbital Decompression Surgery?

Please only focus your answers to the specific questions that I ask. Me: 24y Asian Male. no Graves'. 1.5mm proptosis and as a result, lagophthalmos,... READ MORE

Expected Results from Orbital Decompression? (photo)

I was born with bugling eyes,it is eyeballs bugling i guess that the curve of my eyeballs is high that it bugle outside my head in side profile ,would... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Orbital Decompression?

Hello, In Chicago, what would be the typical cost of a fat orbital decompression? My left eye is slightly protrudes more than my right one due to an... READ MORE

Fat Orbital Decompression?

I do NOT have Graves'. I have proptosis on my left eye due to trauma. CT Scan is normal. 1.5mm of protrusion. Am I a candidate for a fat... READ MORE

Bulging eyes due to high myopia and genetic reasons. Is cosmetic orbital decompression recommended?

I have bulging eyes because of high myopia (-6.00 both eyes). I also believe it is genetic because my dad and my sister also have bulging eyes in... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression without Graves Disease! (photo)

Hi there, My eyes keep bulging and look creepy...I have checked so I know it's not graves disease. My eyes use to be normal, so I know I'm not born... READ MORE

Can I fix my double vision after orbital decompression surgery?

I had an orbital decompression surgery a year ago and after two days from the surgery i blew my nose then my left eye got damaged i started to have... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression Surgery: How Long is Too Long to Get the Surgery?

My husband has Graves disease, his levels fluctuate slightly as the weeks go by. His eyes are extremely bulgy, sometimes crossing in the mornings. He... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression?

Hi I'm from Denmark, just diagnosed with moderate TED and graves' disease when I was 6 months pregnant. My hertel's measurements are 18 mm on each... READ MORE

What can fix my prominent/bulging eyes? Could orbital decompression be available for cosmetic reasons in the future? (Photo)

I have naturally prominent/bulging eyes (see photo), so this isn't due to something like a thyroid issue (although i'm unsure if it could be a thyroid... READ MORE

Fat Orbital Decompression for Proptosis Due to Trauma?

I had trauma to my left eye when I was 6 or 7. Now I am 24. my left eye had proptosis ever since. I already had a CT Scan that came out normal .I have... READ MORE

Is Orbital Decompression suitable for cosmetic purpose? (Photo)

I have proptosis and no Grave's disease. I understand Orbital Decompression creates more room and space for the entire eye. But does the orbits still... READ MORE

Big protruding eyes without thyroid disease or graves disease with a small face? (Photo)

I recently went to a plastic surgeon and was told i didnt need orbital decompression.But i feel that i could benefit from some form of it due to the... READ MORE

Who would you recommend for a Orbital decompression surgery?

I've been thinking about having orbital decompression surgery but the surgery sounds and looks awfully scary (thanks youtube). I want to know how the... READ MORE

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