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Lumpy and Bumpy 4 Weeks Post-facial Liposuction: Will Massage Help?

I had facial liposuction 4 weeks ago on the area under my chin, neck and "jowls." I am 33 and it looks pretty good. There is some swelling... READ MORE

How soon can you start to massage after neck Liposuction? (photo)

I had neck and chin liposuction 12 days ago. I am now noticing "bands" from under my chin running down my neck, from what I have read this is normal... READ MORE

I had chin liposuction 5 weeks ago and I still have a line of hard swelling. Is this normal?

I've been massaging the area all days, but it doesn't seem to improve. I also look fatter than I was. READ MORE

Chin and Neck Liposuction. How long do most people wear the chin strap/garment? (Photo)

I had chin and neck liposuction on Feb. 9th. I've been wearing my chin strap, but when I first take it off, I have a huge area that almost looks like... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Neck Muscles After Chin Lipo - What Should I Do?

I can feel my neck muscle (with my hand) after chin lipo. I could not feel it before. I feel it right in the middle of my neck like a straight line... READ MORE

I had chin liposuction 9 weeks ago and a revision 2 1/2 weeks ago and I have these wrinkles/tunnels? (Photo)

While the jowls look great and are much improved, I have a small pouch remaining under my chin that has some wrinkling or tunnel looks with tightening... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction post-op; is it necessary to have massages after?

Is it necessary to have post op massages after chin liposuction or just the support from the compression garment is all that's needed? Thank you READ MORE

Chin Lipo 10 days ago, chin looks worse then it did immediately after. Is that normal? (photos)

Hi I got chin Lipo ten days ago , my result was amazing I could already see a result right after and by the next day it looked amazing.. exactly what... READ MORE

After 16 months of chin lipo, just had additional fat removed 10 days ago - following dr recovery instructions.

How to avoid a repeated fluid or fat filling in the space created after suction? I do wear compression grmnt.; low salt; massages; elevated pillow.... READ MORE

Chin fat pad removal/reduction (not bone), liposuction under chin, no results - why? (photos)

Fat pad reduction with under sition and liposuction undet chin. result: lumpy uneven and 0 result.Chin fatpad reduction + liposuction under chin.... READ MORE

Will my chin liposuction improve? 1 year post-op. (photos)

I got a chin liposuction and a few months later i was still noticing fat so I decided to got a second one and my doctor said it was ok. Those 2... READ MORE

When will swelling go down after chin and jowls with lipo smart

I had face lift to improve jowl area. This did not work the surgeon didn't lift as much as should have. To improve area I had 4 injections which... READ MORE

Lump or left-over fat 3 weeks after chin lipo? (Photo)

Hello. I got chin liposuction 3 weeks ago and the result right after the intervention was amazing (pic 1). Of course, as I was told by my surgeon... READ MORE

Can massage negatively effect results of chin/neck liposuction?

At 12 days post op I noticed a small bump in the neck lipo area and had a one minute gentle massage of this area. The next day I noticed several more... READ MORE

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