Uneven Nipples + Breast Lift

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Uneven Nipples and Breasts After Breast Lift Surgery

Will they settle and become more even or is this how they will remain? READ MORE

Uneven Areolas After Breast Lift? (photo)

Hi I just had a breast lift (periareola and lollipop) a month ago. I feel like my areolas are a bit uneven, one being more round, & the other more... READ MORE

Can U Tell Me Why my Breasts and Areola Are Different Sizes? (photo)

Hi I have recently had a bilateral mastopexy to fix a previous breast enlargement. Before my recent surgery my breasts were the same size my problem... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Open Sores, Uniformed Breast, and Different Shaped Nipples After a Breast Lift? (photo)

I had a mommy make over 6 months ago. I paid for a lift which he ended up NOT doing. I wanted a D cup and ended up with DDD. He agreed to go back and... READ MORE

My Areolas Are Two Different Sizes and Still Very Big? (photo)

I had a breast lift in july 2012. My areolas are not only two different sizes, their also two different shapes and still very big. I fill like I was... READ MORE

Nipples Uneven 4 Weeks Post Op Breast Lift? (photo)

I had a breast lift 4 weeks ago and my nipples look off. I am disappointed because they look lopsided... Before I had this procedure done I was a... READ MORE

I have had a BL without implants 7 weeks ago. I now have major nipple asymmetry? (photo)

I am disappointed with the results and not sure if this is a normal result for this procedure. My L nipple is 6cm diam and my R is 5cm diam, and they... READ MORE

Areola Asymmetrical and off Centered Nipple Revision? (photo)

I am 7 days post op. I had a benelli lift with implants. My right breast looks better than it did but now my nipple isn't centered I'm my areola. I... READ MORE

Uneven nipples...I got my mastopexy done a little over 6 weeks ago. (photo)

 My left breast is fine and feels very natural, my right one, however, im beginning to worry. Because of drainage issues the skin started to peel... READ MORE

Areola Uneveness After Breast Lift?

I hade implants removed and a breast lift nearly 4 weeks ago. Things seem to be going well, however, I definitely see a noticeable difference in the... READ MORE

I had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. My nipples are very uneven and have been since the day of surgery. (photo)

I had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. My nipples are very uneven and have been since the day of surgery. I thought it was because of swelling but 4 weeks... READ MORE

I had breast lift 3 days ago. My nipples are extremely uneven. What can I do? (Photo)

I had breast lift 3 days ago. My nipples are extremely different from each other. I feel that I no longer have breasts but two wounds. Am I forever... READ MORE

Uneven areola and nipples. Could this be fixed under local anesthesia? (Photo)

Just had my donut breast lift 2 weeks ago. One side is nice and round, one side is crookets. Could this be fix under local anesthesia. I know it too... READ MORE

Uneven areola after lift and reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

Breast reduction and lift about four months ago. I'm pleased with the shape and size, but I'm not happy with the size and shape difference of my... READ MORE

Will nipple asymmetry even out with time?

I had surgery on July 31st, 2015. My left breast was lifted, while my right breast underwent reduction as well as a lift. I am happy with the results,... READ MORE

Nipple is higher than other and doctor told me I needed a breast lift in order to correct it is this true? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago. Within the first year, i noticed that my one nipple was higher than the other. I went back to my doctor and he... READ MORE

Should I just get a breast lift, or one with implants? (photos)

I'm 19 and weigh about 67kg, I've lost 30 kilos and I'm really unhappy with my breasts. I want them to look how they do in a bra but I'm Not sure what... READ MORE

Breastlift Needed or Not? Mastopexy with Implants or Augmentation with Implants? (photo)

I'm soon getting a breast surgery but I'm still not sure which doctor to choose as one recommends a mastopexy with implants and the other one just an... READ MORE

Can a circular areola (donut) lift also tighten the skin of the breast?

Hi Doctors , I already have implants but my PS suggested a donut lift to help minor droopiness and to create symmetrical nipples. Will this lift also... READ MORE

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