Hole + Breast Implants

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Could This Be an Infection (Skin) or the Breast Implant? (photo)

I noticed hole a week or so after surgery... only drainage, no pain, no swelling and no fever. Been taking antibiotics with no real improvement but... READ MORE

Stitch Sinus After Breast Lift and Implant. What Should I Do About it?

Next week I will be one month post op, I got absorbable stitches , and there one one place where there is a hole deep and when I touch it its like the... READ MORE

Problems with Implant Under the Muscle

Hello and thank you for your time. I had a breast augmentation 8 weeks ago and unfortunately I developed a "depression" when I contract my... READ MORE

Small Hole-2 Weeks Post Op with Internal Pain

I had breast impants 2 weeks ago. I noticed a small hole on my lower left incision. It's located near the end of the anchor. I cannot see any... READ MORE

What is happening? I'm very worried about what is going on. Is this going to heal? (Photo)

I am 2 wks post op from getting an implant in my right and lift with implant on my left. I have this small hole in my incision that is leaking on my... READ MORE

I noticed a black hole on my incision with redness around it. What does this mean? I got breast implants 4 weeks ago (Photo)

I had got my breast redone about 4 weeks ago I went under the muscle 550cc under the breast. Everything was fine up until this week the incision on... READ MORE

What is causing this hole on my incision line? (Photo)

It started out small and has grown. I don't feel like it's infected and it doesn't hurt. It developed a week or so ago. My dr told me to put tape on... READ MORE

What are my chances of future necrosis? (Photo)

My surgeon said the hole in my left breast was caused by cutting the bands in my tubular breasts.I had to have my left implant removed and a drain put... READ MORE

On February 8th 2016 I had a Bl w/ a lift. I now have a hole in my breast. (Photo)

Am I treating the hole correct? I have been cleaning it with antibacterial soap and have been covering it with a non stick guaze. Does it look... READ MORE

Hole in my breast one month post op (Photo)

I had implants a month ago, I have a small hole, it hurts,burns . my nipple also hurts. I get a cramp from time to time. READ MORE

Holes in my BA incision line are increasing. How is this supposed to heal? (Photo)

About 2 weeks ago there was a small pinhole, it grew larger. I went to my ps and he said it wasn't communicating with the implant. Gave me... READ MORE

Holes under my boob. What can I do? (Photo)

Surgery to create a crease under my left breast. I realize I had yellow/brow mucus coming out.I started to get pain and small bleeding. I lifted and... READ MORE

Necrosis after a brown recluse bite on the breast close to the sternum. The bite occurred about a year ago and left a hole.

My sister is 57 and has been an alcoholic for 20 years. This bite left a hole the size of small pea. It has been infected, off and on, all this time.... READ MORE

Maybe a stitch popped open? (Photo)

I submitted a few pictures last week, asking whether I have an infection. I was advised to keep it clean and put antibiotic ointment. Now that the... READ MORE

Breast implant concern with the sun?

I am just 4 weeks after my surgery and I am in Spain. I am really concerned as I think the sun has bad my implant uneven. There is small holes and... READ MORE

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