Stitch Sinus After Breast Lift and Implant. What Should I Do About it?

next week I will be one month post op, I got absorbable stitches , and there one one place where there is a hole deep and when I touch it its like the stitch wont be absorbed and little red but it is so small and last time when I asked my doctor he said I don't have to be worried about it ! but its a deep hole directly near my areola. What should I do ? is it going to turn to an infection or maybe it will be a hole in my skin like that because its about a month now ?

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Stich Sinus After Implant

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The suture will absorb (assuming it is truly an absorbable suture) over time.  Whether it leaves a small "sinus" is not clear, but it is possible.  If it does, rest assured that this is a quick, simple fix by your surgeon in his/her office.

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Stitch retained

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It does not seem too concerning that you can feel a stitch. It either aborbs or can in some instances push through the skin. When that happens, its simple to just cut the stitch out in office. Your decription does not sound like an infection, but keep close in touch with you plastic surgeon in case things turn for the worst...though its unlikely.

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