Will I still have to get my implant removed? And what causes this?

I am 8 weeks post op about three weeks ago I noticed a area on the insicion site that didn't look like it was heeling it still looked purple. No redness or ozzing. Underneath it felt like The bad Two days ago I pulled a piece of dry skin off and and it looked like a little hole the size of a needle. My doctor didn't run any test to see if there was a infection but didn't look like or feel like there was. Thank you for your help

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Will I still have to get my implant removed? And what causes this?

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I am sorry to hear your difficulty following breast augmentation.  If the implant is exposed, that is if the implant can be seen through the pinhole then he will likely need to have the implant removed and replaced at a later date after he have healed.

If the implant is visible it is called implant extrusion.   1 diagnostic feature is the drainage of clear fluid out of the  pinhole.  It is usually significant and would stain the dressings and your bra.  Please follow closely with your plastic surgeon for examination and monitoring to make sure that you are not developing an infection and make sure that the implant is not visible.

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