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Happy with New Eyelids! - Chatswood, AU

I did my upper blepharoplasty with Dr Peter Kim. My eyelids before the surgery were not open and receptive. I really hated the way they made me look and have been wanting to refresh my appearance for a long time. Dr Kim is very reliable. If you want someone who is honest and straight forward... READ MORE

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - Non-incisional Method - Taiwan, TW

After doing numerous amounts of research and reading reviews of Asian double eyelid surgery from various countries (Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, and Korea), I decided to do my surgery in Taiwan as it was relatively inexpensive and I can speak the language. I also decided to do the surgery in... READ MORE

Look How You Feel - Chatswood, AU

I was born without double eyelids. Growing up, I often felt that I was stuck in the wrong body. I could not fully express who I was or what I felt inside because I didn’t LOOK the way I felt. I found it difficult to hold eye contact or when I would take pictures, I would need to take a dozen m... READ MORE

Incisional blepharoplasty (26yo Female)

TLDR: I raised my eyebrows all the time to see which caused a lot of headaches. Did my research and found I had ptosis, which my surgeon (Dr. Lay) confirmed during my consult. I consider the surgery a success because I no longer have to raise my eyebrows to see. However, my eyes look the same... READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty Consultation - Booked! - Beverly Hills

I went to Dr. Taban because for years, I was bothered by an excess of skin in the inner corner of my eye. I never knew what it was - I am Caucasian on both sides of my family - until I researched it. It constantly makes me look more angry and tired and I can't apply eyeliner properly on the... READ MORE

34-Asian Eyelid Suture Eyelid Surgery - Taiwan, TW

Best decision of my life. Went to Dr.Shine in Taipei and the famed Dr.Liu the main plastic surgeon of the aesthetics group here in Taipei. The procedure room 20 mins, and the recovery took about 2 weeks. To be fully healed and natural took 3 months. Doctor did 12mm suture method for me. I went... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery resulting in Lagophthalmos and Uneven Eyes - Los Angeles, CA

Let me start out by saying that I never expected perfect results. I consider myself quite laidback and understanding. I knew my heavy lids with ptosis would be hard to operate on, and I would've been content with fairly natural lids. Heck, I would be ecstatic if I could have the eyes that I had... READ MORE

Full-Incisional Parallel Eyelid Surgery. Los Angeles, CA

I originally have very small double eyelids that are asymmetrical, and I've been wanting to have a more symmetrical and parallel eyelids. I've been doing my research on the Asian double eyelid surgery for a years. I decided to finally get my eyelid surgery done this year after coming across a... READ MORE

25-year-old Constantly Changing Creases -- Monolid/doublelid SO Happy I Went Through with It!! - Richmond, BC

I wanted double eyelid surgery since I was a teenager, but kept contemplating whether to goto Asia to do it (language barrier) or stay in Canada (hard to find any doctors here who have the experience). I ended up going to Dr. Brown in Richmond after a few doctors turned me away due to my... READ MORE

Dr. Lau Botched my Surgery. Vancouver, BC

I chose the option to have a surgery in town instead of flying to Korea. I sincerely regret my decision. Dr. Lau did not recommend the proper procedure ie. Epicanthoplasty and completely botched my eyelid surgery. I had no creases afterwards for 2 weeks following the surgery, when normally a... READ MORE

Scarring Post Asian Eyelid Surgery. Is This Fixable?

I had the surgery done a year ago. About a month in, I could see that there was pretty prominent scars over one eye. The scars are so raised that they prevent the upper eyelid fold can't fold over correctly sometimes. I was told to be patient and wait for the scars to mature, but I've... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Done at Wonjin in South Korea. BAD BAD BAD... Is This a Failed Procedure?

I had double eyelid surgery done in Seoul, South Korea. A clinic called Wonjin. So far I am very unhappy about the result. It gave me tons stress and if It doesn't get better then I might be facing depression. I been hiding from anyone and everything since. I had a bad experience with them. (If... READ MORE

Much Needed Excess Skin Removal. - San Jose, CA

My recovery was anything but pleasant.... I have double lids but as I get older the skin started to sag. It made me look sleepy especially the right eye. So I start researching for surgeons. I went to a few consultations but was never felt comfortable with them. Then I found Dr Lay on... READ MORE

Very Unhappy With Results - Burlingame, CA

I came in for a double eyelid surgery in March of 2015. After my first surgery with Victor Liu, my eyelids came out noticeably uneven. You can see in the picture that the right eye has half a crease, whereas the left eye has a deep, full crease. I consulted with the doctor and expressed my... READ MORE

26 Years, Single and a Much Needed Double Eyelid Creation Surgery - India, IN

Hi everyone! This is Zemi. This is a short testimonial from me about a double eyelid surgery, which I recently underwent at Chennai Plastic Surgery. It has been my dream since childhood to have eyes like Indians. My eyes used to look tired and have restrictions in opening my eyes wide.... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Sucess - Los Gatos, CA

I found Dr. Lay on my explore page on IG. I normally wouldn't pic a doctor randomly on IG but his pics of his patients results were so good that I had to keep swiping. I also did my research for about 6months, stalking his page and the pages of his clients. I was shocked that someone so skilled... READ MORE

A Very Uneven, Thick-eyelids, Older Than Actual Age Looking 37 Year Old to Very Young Looking, Big Beautiful Eyes - Los Angeles

I am 37 year old and all my life I had very uneven, thick fatty eyelids and it was getting worse and worse as I was getting older. I always wanted to get the blepharoplasty done but I was scared of side effects and it also costs $$$. Then when I realized I look much older for my age, I finally... READ MORE

My Second Surgery with Dr.Dana Khuthaila. New York, NY

Going to have eyelid surgery My goal is to have double eyelid(which right now I don't have double eyelid) and also want a bigger looking eyes (which my eyes are small.... And also want to even up my eyes (which I born with one a little bigger than the other ) My eyes are Asian eye( lol I'm... READ MORE

Best Doctor Ever, Had a Great Experience (Asian Eyelid Surgery). Irvine, CA

Due to many years of wearing eyelid tape and glue my eyelids were very droopy and gave me a very tired appearance. Getting the double eyelid surgery has to be the best decision I've ever made for myself and on top of that I found myself a great surgeon who communicated with me through every step... READ MORE

53 Years Old Asian. Had Done upper and lower Blepharoplasty and Breast Argumentation. - Dallas, TX

I had Upper and Lower blepharoplasty April 27. I had done with my Breast 3rd Argmemnation with same Dr. My eyes are still swelling...and my middle eyes incision is wrinkle.. and little uneven... maybe right eye is more swelling then left one... I know it's take time to heal.. Trying to be... READ MORE

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