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Accutane and Fatty Food?

The insert and my Derm. said take my Claravis with a "fatty" meal or food. I see people asking this ALL the time. what HEALTHY fat would be "ideal" to... READ MORE

Is Post Accutane Flushing Permanent?

I recently finished accutane around mid-February with amazing results, but the only downfall of it was the flushing. Everytime I flush my entire face... READ MORE

What Type of Foods Should I Avoid While Roaccutan?

Is there any other things also should be avoided? READ MORE

Does eating honey cause acne?

I eat healthy which means that I eat low glycemic foods, drinks only water, eat fruits, berries, vegetables etc. I ate some honey with my oatmeal... READ MORE

How long does it take Accutane to be absorbed after swallowing it? Is it better to take Amoxicillin with food like Accutane?

I'm taking amoxicillin and accutane at the same time for severe acne and I wanted to know how long it takes after swallowing for these drugs to be... READ MORE

Food while on Accutane?

Im on 20 mg of Roaccutane a day ( i think its the european version of Accutane) and next month im probably gonna get to 40 mg's a day. I've been... READ MORE

Can I take food supplements with Accutane?

I read that I can't take vitamin A But what about other food supplement? Can I take iron? (My doctor that I'm 1-) READ MORE

Accutane vs Eating "liver pate"

I'm on accutane. Can I eat "liver pate" in my diet? READ MORE

Can I eat milk products or fast food without breaking out while I'm on Accutane?

Hej, I've been on accutane for some while now, and my acne is almost gone. Before getting on accutane I didn't eat any fast food or milk products,... READ MORE

Should I consume fatty foods with Accutane pill even though fatty food like peanut butter and avocados make me breakout? (photo)

I've been taking accutane for about 1month and 3weeks. My skin is no longer oily and i do not have one single blackheads. On the other hand i've been... READ MORE

Is there any specific food to avoid while on Accutane? Will it be safe if I take Accutane this winter? (photos)

I went to afamily doctor and he prescribed me with accutane 10mg. I didn't take yet. Cause he didn't tell me more abt the meds. I noticed that I get... READ MORE

Accutane with too much fiber?

I know it helps to take Accutane with fat and calories but I forgot to ask my doctor if too much fiber would work against it I eat a loooot of fiber.... READ MORE

What food and drinks shouldn't we eat while we are using roaccutane? And when is the best time to take roaccutane?

Hello Doctor I am using roaccutane 20 mg just for ten days, between my breakfast as my doctor said, but as I see your advices, it must be taken with a... READ MORE

Could the reason my first round of Accutane failed be because I never took the pills with food?

I started my first round of Accutane a year ago. It worked well and I was cleared, but about 3-5 months after my skin became oily and I have the same... READ MORE

Should I avoid fried foods while taking isotretinion? (photo)

Hello doctor, you recomended a fatty meal alongside isotrenion treatment saying that's when it works best. What exactly deed you mean please? I'm on... READ MORE

How to cure and treated serve hormones acne ?

Serve hormones acne- I'm 28, I have more pimple than teenager. Did ultrasound, discover I have more male hormones than female, that cause inflammatory... READ MORE

Greeny food and hours?

I heard that we should not eat anything greeny while taking accutane. the other question how many hours should we separate between pills? like 24... READ MORE

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