Is Post Accutane Flushing Permanent?

I recently finished accutane around mid-February with amazing results, but the only downfall of it was the flushing. Everytime I flush my entire face turns red, hot and maybe a bit of sweating. I only flush when I'm nervous, bending over, eating spicy food or doing exercise. Most of the time my complexion is normal. Is the flushing ever going to go away? or it's the beginning of rosacea?

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Post-accutane flushing is quite temporary

The vast majority of post-accutane flushing is simply residual redness from the acne which has been treated or dryness associated with accutance treatment.  This generally resolves pretty quickly in most patients within one to two months post-accutane.  However, if flushing continues it may be due to the onset of another very common condition such as rosacea.

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Flushing after Accutane

It takes 2-3 months after finishing Accutane for the redness to calm down.  If your face is normally not red and the flushing is of new onset, you need an evaluation to determine if this is rosacea or another cause of flushing.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist.

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Flushing after Accutane

There are many causes to flushing with some being benign, but flushing can be a sign of a more serious internal problem.  The residual redness following Accutane usually improves with time.  It is important to follow up with a board certified dermatologist post-Accutane to ensure that the skin is progressing appropriately and to evaluate the etiology of the flushing.

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