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32 Year Old Female, Open Revision Rhinoplasty - Shawnee, KS

When I decided to have my primary rhinoplasty I was told that complications can occur during healing. I acknowledged this but didn’t think it would actually happen. Well, it did, and now I joke that, that is why you should never have surgery on Friday the 13th! My complication is minor and c... READ MORE

6 months post op

I traveled from Houston to California for a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Nassif. He is amazing, we had skyped prior to surgery so he could discuss a plan for me. I had another consultation or two with him in person the week of surgery and he made me feel completely comfortable and confident i... READ MORE

Tip and Scar Repair

15 years ago I had rhinoplasty. My nose looked great for about two years and then started growing. I had a second rhinoplasty. Unfortunately - I'm not sure what went wrong - but the skin on the end of my nose was really damaged immediately after surgery and I developed a scar. The skin that was... READ MORE

Unhappy with results

It's been almost two years since my revision, it's also been almost two years of hoping my nose would miraculously look better. I am extremely unhappy. I really like Dr Mehta, but devastated by the results of my revision. I had thought that my expectations, going in, were realistic, my initial... READ MORE

rhinoplasty and not happy - Darien, CT

I had a pervious rhinoplasty done about two years ago, I only had my bump shaved but not much difference after. I was super unhappy for two years wish I just had a full rhinoplasty finally I went to go see Dr . Fredric Newman out of Darien ct. So excited because he also was going to fix my... READ MORE

FINALLY after 10 years! Septo-Rhinoplasty recovery!! (:

I am 21 years old , engaged with a 10 month old daughter ! Tomorrow November 1st will be my very first consultation with a rhinoplasty specialist ( Dr. Spencer Cochran ). He has good reviews and I liked his before and after results a lot !! I have a desired nose in mind! Something feminine and a... READ MORE

Awful Experience - Sewell, NJ

I went to see Dr. Becker after having issues with breathing due to a few broken noses. Regardless, I had a surgery 6 years prior to fix some of the same issues. The doctor did a pretty good job, but I continually got bumped in the nose while playing sports. I didn't go back to my previous doctor... READ MORE

Composite Nostril Graft - London, GB

I have the procedure booked for 2nd Feb 2017 with Lucian Ion. The reason I decided to have a consultation with Mr Ion was because of all the very positive reviews of him from his rhinoplasty patients on this site. I am adding my review because of the sheer lack of reviews for this procedure -... READ MORE

Highly recommend this surgeon - an expert in his field, confident in his abilities, reassuring and caring.

Just a note to say that my photos above are not in the order that I uploaded them. The last one should have been the first and is pre revision rhinoplasty. I will put up more post surgery ones once my swelling has gone down a lot more. Secondly, all the captions I put below the photos have... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty

My name is Olivia Guzmán. I am from Mexico. I had my nose job done by Dr. C. Spencer Cochran last October 2016. My case was very complicated and Dr. Cochran handled it masterfully. The result is so natural that it looks as if I was born with it, and I breathe amazing as never before in my life. ... READ MORE

Thinking of booking revision rhinoplasty

Hi, I've been contemplating revision rhinoplasty after a year since my last rhinoplasty. I was not happy with my results since the first day of operation as i still felt my nose is too big for my face (too much projection). I am contemplating booking in with Dr Michael Zacharia in Double Bay... READ MORE

Journey to Finding a Good Revision Rhinoplastic Surgeon - Istanbul, Worth it!

Since I was very young I hated the way my nose looked. It was big, crooked and had a hump. So 5 years ago I decided to do a rhinoplasty surgery in the Netherlands. However the result was not good. There was a piece of cartilage sticking out of my nose bridge and moving down a little after 8... READ MORE

Amy “Nose” Best. A Journey through my Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery and Recovery

Having worked in the plastic surgery industry for the past 10 years I have been a part of the planning, preparation, and counseling/ after- care for 1000's of surgical patients. Ten months ago I underwent my own procedure – a revision rhinoplasty. My original rhinoplasty was years ago and my e... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Hamilton - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Hamilton performed my surgery on 6/28/16 and thus far I am happy with the results. I had a pinched tip after a bad rhinoplasty and too much had been removed. Dr. hamilton gave me a more natural looking nose and it fits my face so much better. Its not perfect but I wasnt seeking perfection. I... READ MORE

Had 3 Rhinos Done with "Other" Dr. and Dr. Perez Was Able to Finally Give Me What I've Always Wanted! - Tampa, FL

I can't say enough great things with my experience with Dr. Perez and his staff. After a bad accident as a young girl, I have suffered from a deviated septum and a tip that wasn't fitting. After going through 3 surgeries with another Tampa surgeon, and still not getting the results I have wanted... READ MORE

New Life Begins with a New Nose - Glendale, CA

Hello everyone, I thought I'd write this review to document my journey and help anyone else out who is thinking of going through with a rhinoplasty procedure. Particularly anyone who is thinking of choosing Dr. Grigoryants. Although the price for Grigoryants was a little higher than expected, I... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty

About me: I had my primary rhinoplasty done by Dr. Flowers about 10 years ago, he used a large L shaped silicon implant and cartilage from my ear for the tip of my nose. My results were a big improvement from what I was born with so I wasn't too picky about the little deformities. About 8... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty

My nose is a very complicated case. When I was 3 months old, I had the tip of my nose skin excised because I was born with a hemangioma, which is a benign discoloration of the skin. After that my nose looked irregular. When I was 12, I had reconstructive surgery covered by OHIP by another... READ MORE

Dr. Ilker Manavbasi via Comfort Zone, revision rhioplasty

These before pictures are how a top surgeon from london left my nose....after 2 years of searching for a surgeon that could even attempt to do this complicated revision nose surgery...i found Comfort zone...and the fantastic Dr illker woww wowww and wowww... i am  so pleased..and 7 star ... READ MORE

Asia Need Revision Rhinoplasty - South Korea

I have my silicon nose implant for 25 years , i dont' happy with the appearance . i did my Revision Rhinoplasty in Seoul 10 weeks ago , Dr Kim is an amazing and very skilled surgeon , the entire surgery was 1 hour , i m so impress ,old silicon has removed .Dr Kim did open techniques new soft... READ MORE

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