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Revision rhinoplasty can address complications or undesired results following an initial nose job. The procedure typically involves harvesting cartilage from the nasal septum or the ear to correct the defect. The unpredictability of secondary scar healing may make revision rhinoplasty a more complex procedure than the first one. LEARN MORE ›

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Revision Rhinoplasty - Not happy with results

I warn you, this is going to be long… I am not someone that spends time writing reviews, or time in front of a computer, period.. I don’t even own a social media account, it’s just not my thing. However, today I find my gut telling me to write this review for those of you that are finding yours... READ MORE

Terrible 2nd Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr.KIM of BK Hospital Seoul Korea

My original nose was quite bulbous on the tip but The bridge is ok. Not too flat and not too high. 17 yrs ago, I had my fist rhinoplasty augmentation in the Philippines with DR. alojipan at Makati medics center. I turned out gorgeous and i was happy about the result. My first surgeon used an L... READ MORE

Secondary Revision Rhinoplasty - Beverly

Found Dr Azzizadeh more or less through real self. After consult I was sure that he is the expert who will fix my nose especially since he seemed to understand what I was trying to achieve. It is now almost two years since the surgery and I have to say that I don't like the way the tip of the... READ MORE

Ending this long battle with my nose (hopefully) - Orange, CT

I always thought there was something up with my nose since I was 8 and couldn't breathe/blow my nose. I also always hated how my nose looked because it grew from a petite small child nose into a grotesque beak (the same time, coincidentally). The real fun started when I was constantly required... READ MORE

Revision with prof. Gilbert Nolst Trenite, Amsterdam

Having a Revision with Prof. Dr. Gilbert Nolst Trenité. Anyone else Had a Rhinoplasty with Him? So, i am finally having a revision done, with Professor Nolst Trenite from the Netherlands. I have read alot of good things about him, seen youtube videos etc. but i have not seen to many reviews ... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - Dallas, TX

In January 2015, I had an alar base reduction but my nose still looked wide and flat to me. I'm pretty nervous about my surgery tomorrow since this one will be an open rhinoplasty. Dr. Rohrich was very nice and approachable during my consultation. He will be using cartilage from my septum and... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty; 37 Years of Age , 3 Children, Shy of Pictures Without Filter

This revision scares me because I feel I'm a complicated situation. Dr. Hamilton said the surgery went well though. I'm so glad . Pretty straight forward. He's so smart and intelligent. Glad I chose him. I don't have my cast off yet but I can tell it looks nice already. Now the waiting... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty (with rib graft) - Dr Ion, London

What I had on my face before my first rhinoplasty was called nose, but for sure it was not one. After op it went from 1 to lets say 5, and it was such a huge improvement for me that I was happiest in the world. However it still bothers me and now I feel mentally ready to try to improve it once... READ MORE


I apologise in advance for the essay but this is an experience close to my heart and I would appreciate anyone who is considering rhinoplasty to give 5minutes to read this. Initially my journey started when I was 9 I am 24 now, I broke my nose and it never bothered me at first as I was young.... READ MORE

Perfect Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Denenberg - My dream Nose!

I had two rhinoplasties and my nose was in a very bad shape. Then I found the website of Dr. Denenberg. When reading his tutorials it became clear to me that he really knows all about rhinoplasty and has outstanding skills. We had a consultation with Email exchange and telephone call. From all... READ MORE

Much-needed Revision and Zero Tolerance for Empty Promises

My rhinoplasty slippery slope started years ago, when I decided to have my dorsal hump filed down amid an ENT surgery. While this approach may have worked for some, it certainly didn't for me; I am Middle-Eastern & my nose shape comes with its challenges (high radix, wide bridge, long nasal... READ MORE

Tertiary Revision Rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion (London) - Rib Graft - London, GB

Hi RealSelfers, After two failed rhinoplasties (see my other review) I decided to bite the bullet and go for a third round. I did my research this time and visited a number of surgeons before I finally decided on Mr Ion. I was confident at first but doubts are setting in as The surgery date... READ MORE

Getting Revision Rhinoplasty - Darien, CT

Dr Newman heard my concerns and he is hopefully going to give me what I'm looking for.. I don't want a perfect nose but a natural nose like Jennifer Aniston is nice.. my nose is dropping and bulbous so hopefully dr Newman will give me what I'm looking for.. I will post pictures and keep everyone... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Mommy Makeover with Dr. Ghavami - Beverly Hills, CA

After thinking about it for so long, I have finally decided to schedule a revision rhinoplasty and mommy makeover with Dr. Ghavami. I am a little apprehensive about the timing because I will be starting work less than 4 weeks after my surgery date, but it's the soonest date available. I plan... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasy by Dr Farshid Mahboubirad in Tehran, Iran

I was looking for a good revision rhinoplasty specialist 7months ago, when I came across Dr Farshid Mahboubirad's profile on INSTAGRAM. I was very excited to have found the right surgeon and immediately paid a deposit & had my revision done, something that I would be regretting for the rest of... READ MORE

5 Times A Charm?

I will be adding more here, but for now, I'll tell you it started when I was 18 and had my dorsum shaved and shortened, when all I wanted was the tip to be defined. I was OKAY with it until my septum collapsed and the same doc straightened it. That's when things started getting weird- the tip... READ MORE

31 year old recovering from revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Grigoryants

This is my first post on this website. I had revision rhinoplasty with Dr. G on Thursday (today is Saturday), and I'm feeling good. I had a terrible experience getting rhinoplasty in Bangkok, Thailand, so I'm hoping Dr. G was able to correct what the other dr did and make my nose look normal.... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Short on Promise - Beverly Hills, CA

I met w/ several Doctors before choosing Dr David Kim. I was nervous at first because a lot of his reviews said he was rude and rushed patients. Our initial consultation was nice he took time to listen to my concerns and made me feel very comfortable about the revision. He spoke about his... READ MORE

24 Year Old Female, Rhinoplasty - Brookfield, WI

I had a major septorhinoplasty done 5 years ago to repair blunt force trauma sustained as a child. It was affecting my breathing and sinuses so much that insurance completely covered the procedure. When the cast came off I was so thrilled with the results! My nose was perfect... Until I bumped... READ MORE

Revision rhino: Had lost faith, faith restored!

When I had my primary rhino 2 years ago, I was very disappointed with the amount of projection that remained and the general shape of the nose. I researched many doctors and went to see several for consults. My revision procedure was 4pm Wed March 22 in Utah. I was in surgery for (I believe) 2... READ MORE

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