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Revision rhinoplasty can address complications or undesired results following an initial nose job. The procedure typically involves harvesting cartilage from the nasal septum or the ear to correct the defect. The unpredictability of secondary scar healing may make revision rhinoplasty a more complex procedure than the first one. LEARN MORE ›

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24 Year Old Female, Rhinoplasty - Brookfield, WI

I had a major septorhinoplasty done 5 years ago to repair blunt force trauma sustained as a child. It was affecting my breathing and sinuses so much that insurance completely covered the procedure. When the cast came off I was so thrilled with the results! My nose was perfect... Until I bumped... READ MORE

3rd revision Rhinoplasty - United Kingdom

So I jist had my 3rd revision. I was so confident with my uk surgeon choice. He has lots of experience and was confident with rib and scull grafts. I went to 4 consultations in all. After my first rhynoplasty my nose was left looking really fake and twisted with a thing drooping tip. The 2nd... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty and Buccal Fat Pad Removal

I had two prior nosejobs from two separate doctors in Beverly Hills. I have had work with Dr. Filstein before and was very pleased with how he handled his practice and his eye for detail. I wanted some slight perfecting to my nose, nothing incredibly drastic as you can tell from the photos and... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Rib Graft - London, GB

I had my first rhinoplasty in November 2013 with Mr Gonschior who left my nose with several deformities as well as over operated on and over reduced. I feel he didn't listen to my request for a subtle change and instead totally changed my nose to one that didn't fit with the rest of my face, he... READ MORE

Great job

Hello! I had my nose done first time in 2006 in other country and never liked it. The decition of going through it again was difficult and after meeting with several Surgeons I choose Ivo Gwanmesia and was booked for 28 April 2017. My nose was not an easy to work with but I can say that I am... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Turned into a Nightmare - Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad - Tehran, IR

I travelled from europe to iran to get revision rhinoplasty with dr. Mahboubirad in June and I am deeply regretting it. Now my nose looks bulbous and is very large from front view -both the upper & lower parts of my nose look incredibly swollen all the time-. I have contacted rad Medical... READ MORE

21 Year Old Rhinoplasty in Bangkok

I had rhinoplasty with Dr Tanongsak at Asia Cosmetic Clinic in Thailand. I went in with a very bulbous nose tip and Dr Tanongsak performed my surgery so well. The best part of my surgery was there was no pain at all!! I flew back to india after 6 days and had no problems. The entire staff was... READ MORE

Dr Anthony Bared, is an amazing Doctor ! Revision Rhinoplasty

I absolutely love my new and improved nose! Dr Bared went above and beyond what I thought he was capable of doing for my nose which was left in a terrible condition with the first doctor I went to a a year ago. Dr Bared, heard all my concerns and fixed my hanging columella, and the indented... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience... Go to JW PLastic Surgery Korea

I highly recommend Dr. Suh he's an honest surgeon and he saved my nose. he's very skilled and professional. i underwent revision rhinoplasty in JW Plastic Surgery in South Korea and i found out that my nose had an infection. the doctor from my first rhinoplasty ( it was DR. PITCH of YANHEE... READ MORE

26 Years Old Male Wanting to Do 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty - London, GB

Hi all I'm searching for a dr to do my 3rd revision rhinoplasty ,I had my first rhinoplasty abroad to fix my broken nose and my nose ended up a little small for my face then I searched for a dr In London to fix it I searched a lot and i found dr Basim matti and I trusted him I had my first... READ MORE

Revision with dr Lucian Ion

I am willing to have a revision rhino with dr Lucian Ion. I have just come back from my first appointment definitely very happy. He's very friendly, down to earth and he took a long time explaining details and structural details of my rhino. I am generally not happy with my profile and would... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty After Sub-par Rhinoplasty and Nose Injury

It's been quite a journey so far... 2014: Went to Dr. Manish Shah in Denver for a nose job to fix my German "bump" and reduce the size of my nose. The "top" part of the bump was reduced, but he left bumps on each side of my nose, making it look strange and lumpy, and did not do enough work on... READ MORE

Dr B a beautiful miracle worker

My best friend put me onto this site, as I had a botched up rhinoplasty done in Bangkok (destination beauty) five years ago and wanted to fix it. So I was travelling all over Europe and was told Turkey was fantastic for plastic surgery, so I looked up the best surgeon, Dr Bulient of Estetik... READ MORE

WONDERFUL experience. Amazing Doctor.

The main thing I have to say is that I am VERY THANKFUL that I went to this doctor. After going through a surgery that messed up my nose, I was really scared to do this again. First of all, the consultation was quick, easy, and very informative. Dr Golden's staff is very friendly, and what I... READ MORE

Why Did I Wait So Long... - Troy, MI

After a botched septo-rhinoplasty and revision performed by the same doctor in Windsor I was left with a horrible nose that made me horribly self conscious. After years of searching for someone I made a consultation with Dr. Golden. Upon meeting him he was frank, to the point and told me exactly... READ MORE

Revision Rhino- Chicago, IL

I just had a procedure done by Dr. Shah and I can't wait to see the final result when the cast will be taken off in 4 days. I was actually expecting that I will have a lot of bruising and swelling around my eyes but to my surprise I have not found any bruises at all in my face, Dr. Shah is... READ MORE

Ready for Change ~ with Dr. Denenberg, Omaha, NE

After 12 months, my Cosmetic journey is finally coming to an END…. I’m finishing with a Rhinoplasty Revision & Chin implant with Dr. Denenburg on September 21st, 2016. If you’ve checked my profile you’ll see that I have now have 4 REVIEWS (including this one) that has taken place over a ... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision, After Bad Work Had Done by Precious Sergeon - West Orange, NJ

I was researching a lot before I finally made my decision with Dr Eric M. Joseph. After having a bad experience with a previous doctor, it was really hard for me to trust any other doctor, so that's the reason why I had to make sure that Dr Eric M. Joseph is a GOOD surgeon. I had someone... READ MORE

Need a Little Help Finding a Surgeon to Correct This Poor Rhinoplasty Result

Hi all, I've written two reviews on here, documenting my previous experience of unsuccessful rhino (and revision with the same surgeon) in 2012-13. Then I had some filler in 2014 which helped a lot, but this couldn't amend the ongoing issues I have with difficulty breathing, asymmetry and... READ MORE

Excellent , extremely skilled doctor.

Excellent experience. I underwent a revision rhinoplasty with ear grafting. I waited over twenty years to have my revision. I had consultations with other doctors but I never felt confident they could undertake the revision. My greatest fear was being more deformed than I already was. I had... READ MORE

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