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Revision rhinoplasty can address complications or undesired results following an initial nose job. The procedure typically involves harvesting cartilage from the nasal septum or the ear to correct the defect. The unpredictability of secondary scar healing may make revision rhinoplasty a more complex procedure than the first one. LEARN MORE ›

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Revision Rhinoplasty - Los Angeles, CA

I do not normally post reviews. However, Realself has been very helpful to me in my decision making process. I hope to be able to assist others who are thinking about going through this process. I had a primary rhinoplasty a little over a year ago, which was not to my satisfaction, although my... READ MORE

Jason Hamilton Saved My Face (My Tip is Back!)

So, after having a very bad outcome from a supposedly board certified plastic surgeon, who I later found out was not board certified at all, I started to look for help on realself. Cut to the chase, my nose looked terrible and I didn't really know who to go to to fix it or if it could be fixed... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Hoping for a Successful Revision! - Dallas, TX

Night before the surgery and quit excited! Can not believe that after 20 years I'm about to get my nose done the way I was hoping for with my first rhinoplasty. Hope the long wait will be worth it. Not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight. Very nervous about how my children(2 & 5 years)... READ MORE

Revision with Rib Graft

Tomorrow morning I'm having a revision using rib grafts to hopefully restore some of my original features. My nose was thinner and longer before my first surgery, and I haven't felt much like myself since that was drastically changed. It's going to be a long surgery and recovery, so I'm feeling... READ MORE

Frankel Could Not Deliver or Stand by His Work

I went to Dr. Frankel for a repair of the bossae and he took off 6 mm off the front of my nose, removed my columella and cut off my footplates. All which we never discussed. He gave me a pointy tip when I asked for a larger boxy one. Even his morphs he didn't remove my columella. Very confusing... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Joseph

Hi guys, I have chosen Dr. Joseph based on on all the reviews and photos on RealSelf and his website. I went for a consultation and seemed pretty happy on what the doctor said he could do for me. My concern areas are my droopy tip, flaring nostrils, the symmetry of my nose and the overall... READ MORE

Booking a Consultation with Dr. Russel Kridel in March.

After serious research I chose dr. Kridel for a consultation . I have been seen by too many specialist including Beverly Hills Cal and Houston. Three out of ten suggested Dr. Kridel based on his experience. I have been told that he is an expert on his field and able to give me the right decision... READ MORE

2 years PO, love it! Takes time but worth it Vancouver, BC

I have my consultation in 3days! I am so excited. I have never liked my nose. When I was 16 I had gotten rhinoplasty before but this surgeon did it for free while getting devated septum fixed. I figured nose job meant = perfect nose. I never really said anything I wanted or expected.. He was... READ MORE

Long Overdue Revision - Renton, WA

I had a primary rhinoplasty ten years ago, before my wedding. It was asymmetrical, had a ton of scar tissue and had a super wide tip when I smiled. I've hated looking at pictures for as long as the digital age has made them readily available. Anyhow, I decided after wavering for a couple of... READ MORE

Dr Charbel Medawar the Worst Plastic Surgeon in Lebanon and UAE - Lebanon, OK

I was searching for a good plastic surgeon to get my nose done for revision rhinoplasty. I found reviews about dr charbel medawar. I sent him many messages and i met him in Saudi german hospital in Dubai. He informed me that my case is very simple and he promised me with a amazing results which... READ MORE

After 35 Years Wanting Revision Rhinoplasty and Neck Lift- Vancouver, BC

Finally have the nerve and finances to inquire about a revision. My original nose is short, piggy like with hanging columella and asymmetrical nostrils. Waited a long time to do this and always hated my own mother tried to get me to see a doctor years ago but I guess she was just... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and old Scar Revision - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm doing a revision on my original rhinoplasty from 1987. I hate my nose -- it looks very piggy. I'm also doing my upper lid since I'm going to be in surgery and recovering anyway. Also I have an old scar on my face which has scar tissue attached to it ( so my smile is a bit off) so I'm... READ MORE

Male Rhinoplasty: One Issue Replaced with Multiple New Issues

I had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Naficy for a pollybeak deformity. My pollybeak was improved but he caused a host of issues. My nose is very asymmetric and crooked. The dorsal graft he placed on my bridge is off to the left and is visible. I have visible grafts in my tip as well. My tip is... READ MORE

26 Years Old French Girl Ready for Revision! - Glendale, CA

I decided to write this review because I m becoming mad looking in the mirror or taking picture to know what I d like (you know probably what I mean if you expect a surgery). I am so impatient for a revision but have to wait until September. My story is I had a very big nose when I was teenager... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty & Anterior Neck Lift with Lucion Ion - London, GB

I had my first consultation with Lucion on the 10th November for a revision rhinoplasty and anterior neck lift. Very nice guy and very knowledgeable. He took his time with me and spent almost 1.5 hours which made him run late! Oopsie! He listened carefully on what changes I would like/direction... READ MORE

37 Years of Age , 3 Children, Shy of Pictures Without Filter

This revision scares me because I feel I'm a complicated situation. Dr. Hamilton said the surgery went well though. I'm so glad . Pretty straight forward. He's so smart and intelligent. Glad I chose him. I don't have my cast off yet but I can tell it looks nice already. Now the waiting... READ MORE

LOVE LOVE LOVE my New Nose! - Miami, FL

I had Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Murray after having a previous Rhinoplasty with a supposedly top rated Miami Plastic Surgeon who left me with subpar results. My nose was left asymmetrical, the projection was very long and there were some countour irregularities along with a deviated septum.... READ MORE

Unable to correct mistakes - Seattle, WA

This was a full price revision to correct my first rhinoplasty result by Dr. Naficy. The result is still horrible. Too short piggish and narrow, overall too small for my face. I regret this surgery even more than the first and that's really saying something. Quite a stressful anddraining... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old. 10 Years, Dreaming of Getting a Consultation for my Deviated Septum and my Crooked/broken Large Nose!!

I am 21 years old , engaged with a 10 month old daughter ! Tomorrow November 1st will be my very first consultation with a rhinoplasty specialist ( Dr. Spencer Cochran ). He has good reviews and I liked his before and after results a lot !! I have a desired nose in mind! Something feminine and a... READ MORE

Unhappy with Revision Rhino by Dr. G - Glendale, CA

I've decided to write this review because Real Self helped me pick my doctor and I hope my review helps someone make their decision wisely. First off I broke my nose in the fourth grade. Big noses tend to run in the family but now big and crooked I felt miserable looking at myself everyday. So... READ MORE

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