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Revision Rhinoplasty Dr Vašek

I have had a previous close rhinoplasty where I had a bump shaved off my bridge- this was with dr Singh at transform. ..however feel like my tip is quite bulbous and my nose could be all round smaller. I would like it more narrow, more ski lope, the tip made smaller and thinner and turned up... READ MORE

Hoping to Finally Put This Behind Me Thanks to Dr. P - Seattle, WA

After initially loving my nose when I got the cast off in July of 2015 after my primary (with a different surgeon), I was devastated when my nose transformed as the year went on. I hated my retracted nostrils, the inverted-v and the bumpy bridge that emerged. I didn't look like me anymore. I... READ MORE

Revision Open Rhinoplasty-Lucian Ion

I went to see Mr. Lucian yesterday because I am not happy about my rhinoplasty results. I have a small dent on the left side and the right side is caved in. He examined my nose internally and took photos. He thinks my rhinoplasty was done by a good surgeon and my nose is healing very well so I... READ MORE

3rd Revision Rhinoplasty for Deviated Nose

Hi everyone. I finally decided to write my journey from now on in the research of a surgeon for my revision rhinoplasty. I've had 3 surgeries in the last 2 years, the last one was 1 year ago. All of them with the (supposedly) top surgeons of Spain, and quite expensive too. The last dr... READ MORE

Road to Revision Rhino !

It has been 12 long months since I had primary rhinoplasty with a Realself 'Top Doctor' ... well all I can say, it was the worst and most emotionally scarring decision I have ever made. Unfortunately, my results were not what I was expecting, leaving me with an over-operated, uneven, bumpy... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr Warwick Nettle is the best plastic and reconstructive surgeon I have come across. He is not only an extremely nice and humble man but the quality of his work is absolutely amazing. He has great bedside manner, is extremely caring (he even called me the day after surgery to check up on me) and... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty with doctor David Pearson from Flaming Island Florida!!!!

The nicest person na professional in the field!!! Doctor Pearson is a miracle doctor!I am originally from Europe and I was botched! Doctor Pearson gave me my face back I can finally breath and have my taste and smell back!!! I highly recommend and honestly you won't find better surgeon in... READ MORE

27 Years Old Female is Going to Seoul for Revision Rhinoplasty, Lifting Surgery in Korea!

Hello I decided to fly over to Korea to get rehabilitation after having my nose job done once, I mean I will have Revision Rhinoplasty. As well as rehabilitation of my nose, my double chin is too stressful for me, so I am going to get a V-line operation by lifting and lipo at the same time.... READ MORE

Frankel Damaged My Cranial Facial Nerve and Refused to Tell me

I went to Dr. Frankel for a repair of the bossae and he took off 6 mm off the front of my nose, removed my columella and cut off my footplates. All which we never discussed. He gave me a pointy tip when I asked for a larger boxy one. Even his morphs he didn't remove my columella. Very confusing... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - FL vs. OR

After a horrible consultation/blood draw experience in Florida, I moved to Oregon & decided to wait to revisit my decision with (what I was expecting to be) better care. I had my consultation last week & could not be happier that I decided to wait. The cost has doubled but the comfort I... READ MORE

Revision rhino: Had lost faith, faith restored!

When I had my primary rhino 2 years ago, I was very disappointed with the amount of projection that remained and the general shape of the nose. I researched many doctors and went to see several for consults. My revision procedure was 4pm Wed March 22 in Utah. I was in surgery for (I believe) 2... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Frankel - Beverly Hills, CA

I have just booked in my revision rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Frankel and am so excited to hopefully have this be the final surgery in my revision journey. THANK YOU everyone who has posted his or her story and pictures on here. It has led me to Dr. Frankel who truly seems like a master and... READ MORE

Getting Rhino/Blepharoplasty in South Korea - from Consults to 6 Months Post Op!

So, I'm currently 6 months post op for Rhino and Blepharoplasty (undereye) but I started the process almost 1 year ago now! I originally went in just wanting to have rhinoplasty, my nose was deviated and aquiline so I wanted a hump removal and deviation correction but decided last minute to add... READ MORE

4th revision rhinoplasty

So after my last 3 awful rhinoplasty's ( you can read my previous review's) I decided 4th time lucky with the renowned lucion ion. You guys rlly helped me make that decision. I didn't take it lightly, I was as in a really bad place and having to live with a nose I hated for well over a year... READ MORE

Mr Matti Ruined my Face. Operated 4 Times

So I will condense this revision rhinoplasty story because it had gone on for a long time. First op: revision rhinoplasty. The results were ok. There was a small dent left on the side of my nose which he decided would be best to fill. As I was going into surgery again he said "right what are we... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Orange, CT

I had a rhinoplasty 36 years ago and then a revision to the right side in January of 2011 as that side of my nose appeared to be collapsing. My surgeon neglected to tell me that I had a severely deviated septum that after the procedure, caused my nose to change over the past few years and... READ MORE

18 year old girl needs a successful revision rhinoplasty and to move on with her life in 2017, please help!

Hey guys! I'm Allison, I've posted on this site multiple times before using a different account until realself found out I was only 17 at the time and blocked me from my account, Grr! But basically, if you look up caved in nasal bone or uneven nostrils in the search bar I'll probably come up. ... READ MORE

Between Dr Hamilton and Dr Grigoryantis

I wasn't gonna write a review but I'm needing opinions. I can't make up my mind between having my revision with Dr Hamilton or Dr Grigoryantis. I have had consultations with Dr Ghavami and while he told me everything I wanted to hear I saw too many bad reviews. His quote was 19k. I also flew out... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty on Botched Nose

I have completed my initial consult to have a HORRENDOUS rhinoplasty that was done in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico 5 years ago. I hated my nose for as long as I remembered and I was young and desperate to get a rhinoplasty. I had a dorsal hump on my nose and a bulbous tip, with no other major... READ MORE

36 Female, Needing Reconstructive Surgery on my Nose - Sacramento, CA

Thank you Dr. Kaniff for the beautiful job you did on my nose reconstruction! I am so dearly thankful and very please! You have helped me achieve my goal. I could not of asked for a better doctor! You are truly an artist! I basically had revision septoplasty /rhinoplasty. You have a beautiful... READ MORE

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