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Revision rhinoplasty can address complications or undesired results following an initial nose job. The procedure typically involves harvesting cartilage from the nasal septum or the ear to correct the defect. The unpredictability of secondary scar healing may make revision rhinoplasty a more complex procedure than the first one. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Levi Lansangan: The Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in the Philippines!

***33 yrs old, female, revision rhinoplasty and mandibular contouring. He really did a great and amazing job on my face. I am so thankful for that. I had my rhinoplasty 10 years ago, but no implants just a cartilage from my nose. It didn’t do that much change. My nose still looks wide and b... READ MORE

Dissatisfied - 33 Year Old Primary Rhinoplasty and then Secondary with Dr Andrew Broadhurst

Dr Broadhurst undertook my primary rhinoplasty in July 2014. I initially went in as from the front view I had a bump on my left side of the bridge of my nose which had always bothered me and I wanted it removed. Dr Broadhurst felt that I had other irregularities about my nose which could be... READ MORE

Tip Refinement

Ive written a review a few years ago on rhinoplasty procedures ive done in the past as ive had 3 others rhinoplasties. One was done by a Dr in my hometown (ottawa) who was not a face surgeon. I went back to him to streamline my nose but he only removed thick skin out of my nose through a closed... READ MORE

Needed Revision Rhinoplasty by Experience Surgeon

I wanted to tell my story to real self community and others contemplating having revision rhinoplasty. I did my homework and had consultation with about 5 revision rhinoplasty surgeons. I had my original rhinoplasty 16 years ago and gotten my nose broken 4 years ago, things had gotten bad. I... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty using Rib graft with Dr Ion

Hi , I'm considering revision rhinoplasty after a primary operation meant to correct my deviated septum and broken nose (fall) left my nose botched with a wide and droopy drip and general assymetry . So far I've had a consult with Dr Lucion Ion and may consult some other doctors bettor making up... READ MORE

I Was Terrified to Have This Op but Hope It's Worth It

I had my original rhinoplasty when I was 18 (20 yrs ago) to remove a hump in my nose and was very happy with the results for many year. Unfortunately the last 10 yrs I slowly noticed the tip changing and knuckling and cartilage making funny bumps appear thus making my nose look crooked and... READ MORE

Revision rhino: Had lost faith, faith restored!

When I had my primary rhino 2 years ago, I was very disappointed with the amount of projection that remained and the general shape of the nose. I researched many doctors and went to see several for consults. My revision procedure was 4pm Wed March 22 in Utah. I was in surgery for (I believe) 2... READ MORE

Frankel Could Not Deliver or Stand by His Work

I went to Dr. Frankel for a repair of the bossae and he took off 6 mm off the front of my nose, removed my columella and cut off my footplates. All which we never discussed. He gave me a pointy tip when I asked for a larger boxy one. Even his morphs he didn't remove my columella. Very confusing... READ MORE

Jason Hamilton -- -unethical completely

So, after having a very bad outcome from a supposedly board certified plastic surgeon, who I later found out was not board certified at all, I started to look for help on realself. Cut to the chase, my nose looked terrible and I didn't really know who to go to to fix it or if it could be fixed... READ MORE

Consultation with Lucian Ion Today - London, GB

I had my consultation for a revision rhinoplasty with Lucion Ion yesterday. He had a lovely calming, quiet manner and clearly knew what he was talking about. He took his time and gave best and worst case scenarios. Surgery was a little more than I expected in terms of cost (price quoted is in U... READ MORE

So Far, So Good!

I’ve read through all the RealSelf reviews for Dr. Hamilton – Like 10 times! Like many black women, I’m private. I’m only writing because quite frankly, I don’t know why he doesn’t have more reviews. I have a business and really wish that all my satisfied customers would post some good review... READ MORE

33 Year Old Male, 7th Rhinoplasty Procedure Using Rib Graft

Hello all, I'm a 33 year old Caucasian male who underwent my first rhinoplasty procedure aged just 17, as my nose had a large hump and was very out of proportion with my face. I was young and naive at the time and really didn't know what I was letting myself in for. I had it done through NHS... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty -- Here I Go ..

I had a rhinoplasty about 25 years ago by a top surgeon, Dr. Sheen in Southern California. Unfortunately, two months later i ran into the side of a pool and broke my nose. I was bleeding profusely. My bridge healed SUPER wide but I never fixed it. Here I am, 25 years later, after obsessing... READ MORE

Revision Results over two years! - Baltimore, MD

Hi everyone, After more than 10 years of searching for a surgeon I finally found him and have decided to have a revision rhinoplasty! It has been a very slow and hard process to find a surgeon that I truly trust for my revision procedure. Over the past years, I had many consultations with... READ MORE

26 Years Old Male Wanting to Do 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty - London, GB

Hi all I'm searching for a dr to do my 3rd revision rhinoplasty ,I had my first rhinoplasty abroad to fix my broken nose and my nose ended up a little small for my face then I searched for a dr In London to fix it I searched a lot and i found dr Basim matti and I trusted him I had my first... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, Buccal Fat Removal, Neck Lipo - Los Angeles, CA

My nose was ok and I wasn't thinking to change it. But after my friend make it done, I decided to do some plastic surgery as well. I hadn't got a lot of time to do research so I decided to choose a doctor who can make surgery within one week after consultation. I'm from Russia and I was... READ MORE

Revision Rhino with Lucian Ion. Amazing!

Thought I would start my review as a lot of people considering/booked surgery with Lucian ion, I had my first surgery oct 2015 in Edinburgh, left my nose with multiple issues. I have been researching for over a year and Lucian came up time and time again. It actually doesn't feel real that it is... READ MORE

Revision with Dr. Frankel -- Extremely Disappointing!

Because I have gotten so much information and support from this website I have decided that I ought to contribute to the community and the available pool of information online about this surgery and my experience with this particular surgeon. I had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Frankel in... READ MORE

Reconstruction Plan

I will undergoing a nasal reconstruction surgery to remedy a botched primary. My surgical plan so far consists of the following: nasofrontal augmentation (rebuilding radix) of the upper vault of the nose, cartilage grafting to middle vault, unsuturing the medial crura, and additional cartilage... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty With Mr. Ion.

I am nearly four months post after my operation. Originally, I was going to document the whole experience on here but I was worried that I might somehow 'jinx' it if I did this! Anyway here is my story so far: Just over a decade ago, I decided that I was going to get my nose fixed. It had always... READ MORE

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