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Botox (also known as Vistabel outside the U.S. and the U.K.) is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, and psoriasis. LEARN MORE ›

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Botox - Campbell River, BC

I had a fantastically easy and professional visit at Dr. Evans practice in Campbell river. I was nervous about having botox done but Dr. Evans and his staff explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Evans went over all precautions before the procedure and left me with... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Botox Party Was Totally Worth It! - Sacramento, CA

A friend works at a medispa and had a Botox party where the injection fee was waived and we got bonus goodies (microdermabrasion, latisse, etc). I got 25 units around my eyes and forehead, so not a ton, but the difference is dramatic to me! I'm 35 and the lines in my forehead and around my eyes... READ MORE

Preventative, Yes, but More So, Subtlety Noticeable Freshness! Larkspur, CA

Dr. Keith Denkler, who shares a practice with his wife and MD, Dr. Rosalind Hudson, have given me a new sense of self with the Botox, filler and laser treatments for melasma and sun and age spots. I never expected to feel so much better about my appearance...I finally looked as youthful and... READ MORE

I Don't Know Why I Waited So Long! I Am SOLD on Botox! - San Francisco, CA

I was on a tight budget, so I only had a minimal amount of Botox injected. 20 units between my eyes and 10 around each side. My frown lines have softened, and my crow's feet have been eliminated! I think my brow may have even been lifted slightly as a nice unexpected result! I am VERY pleased... READ MORE

No Wrinkles for This Grandmom - Voorhees, NJ

I absolutely love South Shore Plastic Surgery. I have been been a client there for the last three years. I've had the excess skin removed from my eye lids, filler in my lip and several rounds of Botox throught the years. I have no regrets about the procedure or injections whatsoever. Everyone... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis! - Folsom, CA

OH LOOK, I'm one of the lucky 1% of Botoxers who get to enjoy EYELID PTOSIS and four months of people asking if I had stroke! AWESOME! (I would roll my eyes, but, well...you know.) For photo context, my brows are naturally low, and my right brow is naturally very slightly higher. It's a bit... READ MORE

Finally Got Botox I Love - Denver, CO

I got just a touch of Botox in my forehead (8cc) along with 20 between my eyes. I also got Voluma in my cheeks, and Juvederm in my lips and marionette lines. I never liked Botox before because my already deep set eyes looked angry and tired when my brow drooped over them. With the small amount... READ MORE

46 Year Old Mother of 2. Frisco, TX

Love Dr Brobst and all his staff!! They are great to work with and extremely nice, this is the second time I have gotten Botox injections in my forehead, crows feet and between my eyebrows. The results are amazing! I have gotten injections before from other Drs and had complications with my eyes... READ MORE

53, Ophthalmic Technician. - Union, NJ

I wanted to enhance my looks. I've been told by many that I look ten years younger since I received Botox injections by Dr Khan. I didn't experience any pain and within one day the results proved beneficial. I'm referring all my if my friends and he who reads this should see Dr Khan as well... READ MORE

Wrinkle Relaxers - Perth, AU

I have been attending Dr Imani's clinic for over five years and would not trust anyone else with my facial features. Dr Imani is an artist and always administers the correct amount of relaxers in the right places to achieve a natural look. I also received fillers, again administered in a... READ MORE

28 Years Old with Horrible Forehead Wrinkles! - Beverly Hills, CA

I had horrible deep forehead wrinkle that I was NOT happy with, after some research I found Dr. Jason Emer. I went in for consultation with him and immediately felt comfortable and assured that he knew what was best for me and my situation. I have never had any type of procedures done in the... READ MORE

Botox is the Best Investment I Have Ever Made - Modesto, CA

I have been receiving Botox injections for the past four years. I had my first Botox injection about four years ago and then didn't for about three years I was busy being a new mom. I looked in the mirror and only being 30 years old no just fine lines and wrinkles crows feet and didn't really... READ MORE

35 Years Old and Ack! Are Those Frown Lines?! - Los Angeles, CA

I don't scowl ever but I squint quite a lot and that makes those same dreaded 11s in the middle of my forehead. I started noticing a bit of a crease even when I wasn't squinting and so of course it was time to freak out. Botox was on my to do list since I was 30 so I'm about 5 years late but... READ MORE

63 Yr Old Added Botox + Fillers After Lower CO2 Laser. Ottawa, ON

I'll b going in on March 30th for CO2 laser on my forehead. PS advised me to have Botox before the laser, since it freezes your expression lines and assists in healing. The Botox did a moderate job in eliminating some of my wrinkles, but it's not enough to get rid of the ones between my eyes.... READ MORE

Botox Worth It Yes or No?

I'm mainly writing this review for those wondering whether botox is worth it ? So I'll take u on my exprience. I would say YES the results were worth it. The price NO ! I got lured in with a Groupon thought I only had to pay 100 something . Then once in the office I'm told in order to do my... READ MORE

Go Away Angry Frown and Take That Stupid Line with You! Honolulu, HI

I love Botox it makes my face so much softer and hard line free. I tend to have an 'angry frown' in between my eyes that created an actual line, so I paid for some Botox injections and eliminate that line. My go to PA is Amy Biggs she really understands how to make a lady (and I'm sure men)... READ MORE

New Confidence - Beverly Hills, CA

I was fortunate enough to be a candidate to receive treatment at the recent (AAFPRS) event in Beverly Hills. I had never received injections prior to this event. Dr. Jill Hessler treated me with dignity, respect, and kindness that you would expect from a life long friend. I am forever changed,... READ MORE

43 and First Botox and Fillers, Ever - Los Angeles, CA

I am 43 and swore I would never get Botox. I was just scared. I actually went in to Dr. Lee for fillers in my upper lift. I really needed Botox so when he suggested it, I said ok. I love the effects of Botox and I love my lips. Nothing was too overdone. It really looks like me, just... READ MORE

43 Yo Botox Between Eyebrows. Migraine After Procedure - Phoenix, AZ

I could not look at myself anymore and see those wrinkles getting deeper and deeper. Had it all well explained by the doctor and had the Botox done quickly and with no pain. After day #2 a migraine started. So far, day #3 and the pain is still strong, affecting my view and my stomach too. I will... READ MORE

1, 2, Many Times I've Returned. Never Had This Problem:/

I am concerned due to returning on my 4th round. I have always seen the best results but absolutely not on these multi-×'s Eyebrow lift is cockeyed still very heavy crows that were not there after a good treatment. I took her advice & never said "I can only get a few units". I was told that ... READ MORE

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