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  • "Baby Botox" Isn't What You Think -- Watch to Learn More About This Technique
Botox is a very safe and effective injection that's generally used for the wrinkles around the face. When Botox first started out 20 years ago, patients looked overdone. They were completely frozen. The ideas now that we do Botox in the office is to do what's called baby Botox. I use tiny amounts of Botox into the glabella area, which is the area between your eyebrows, the forehead, around the eyes with the crow's feet, or into the lower jaw, neck area. And the idea is to soften the look of those wrinkles. The idea is not to eliminate them. That's why you want to put baby amounts.

One of the great things about Botox is that you can get rid of the wrinkles around your neck. All too often patients would tell me that they hate their neck. That's the area that bothers them the most and they don't want to get a facelift. They're too young or they just don't want to look frozen. Botox can soften the wrinkles around the neck. You can inject them into the cords of the neck and I often inject them into the fine lines around the neck to tighten the neck area to make it look better and younger and you don't have to look frozen or pulled back. What my patients experience is that they have Botox but no one knows they've had it done. That's what I call good Botox, where the wrinkles are softened, they look natural, and no one looks artificial. That's what good Botox is.

"Baby Botox" Isn't What You Think -- Watch to Learn More About This Technique

Dr. Michele Green explains how Botox works to naturally to soften wrinkles and why using small amounts, nicknamed "baby Botox," can work better in some areas.