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Exceptional experience

Beautiful office, friendly staff, great service! Dr. Mabrie is such a professional and extremely knowledgeable. I had a friend who came here and I had no idea she had anything done! She just looked pretty and refreshed so I had to check it out! READ MORE

Great experience

I liked her very much, very professional, kind , and considerate, as is her staff .. found them by accident actually and very glad I did , happy with results , been getting cosmetic procedures for about 8 yrs off and on , she dr jafarai is right up there with my very favorite !!! READ MORE

29 with Permanent Etching on Brow - North Adelaide, AU

I LOVE my results. I saw th cosmetic injectable nurse at Cosmos Clinic in North Adelaide. She was really lovely and listened to exactly what I want. The pain was minimal for you don't mind injections. A short sharp sting each time then it's over. I had eight units for just my brow lines. I... READ MORE

Getting Rid of my Gummy Smile with Botox - Redondo Beach, CA

My gummy smile made me extremely insecure about my smile. I have a big mouth and big teeth, so I felt that my gums made my mouth even bigger. I got my first injections about last year with Dr. Annie Chiu, who is extremely sweet and very friendly. She told me she will be conservative with the... READ MORE

Talented surgeon with the sweetest team to take care of all of your concerns

Dr. Franco and his team make you feel right at home and part of their little family. From the moment you enter the offices, you are welcomed by his team all of whom are so kind and professional. I went to see Dr. Franco initially for Botox. I returned a couple of weeks later so pleased with my... READ MORE

Botox at 31 y/o

Feeling old and wanted to get rid of my deep forehead lines. I also have crows feet I wanted to get rid of. I was very nervous about not being able to move part of my face but the effects have just started becoming apparent and I love it! I am hoping to see more good results by the 1-2 week mark... READ MORE

Botox in Jaw for TMJ + Jaw Slimming

I've had TMJ since my teens and only recently learned the benefits of Botox for Jaw slimming plus relief. I'd been feeling self conscious about my ever growing squared jaw (especially as I'm a slim and small person) so I finally did my research and went to SkinSpirit in Seattle. Best experience... READ MORE

Black eye from Botox

I went back on 7/27 after this happened on 7/20. I was not given an apology or any type of refund but was told by his assistant that I only had a "bruise" and that it "happens to HER all the time"!!! READ MORE

My first treatment

He is very professional and honest. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and was concerned about which treatment would be best for me. I completely trusted him and his opinions. The results show and I'm very happy! After the procedure, he followed up with me to find out how I was doing. READ MORE

Botox User for Years

I'll be 41 this year, I've gotten Botox since I was 36. Having great skin and taking care of it is hard work and botox helps. It also seems like I don't get as many headaches as I did pre botox. I get it for the lines between my eyes and my eyes. Sometimes, I get in for the horizontal lines on... READ MORE

Amazing Experiece

Best doctor in town! Love his bed side manners, his humor , honesty and his talent! I would never even consider another surgeon! Hands down best doctor I have ever had! Janet Popiel (very satisfied client) READ MORE

A magician!

I came to BA to get Botox and was nervous as I did not know anyone to give me recommendations. Some research on the net showed some very positive results for Dr Freschi and I was so glad I found him. He answered my mail immediately and was very efficient in setting up an appointment. His... READ MORE

Amazing Look - Warren, NJ

My outcome is outstanding and the office staff was very kind and welcoming. Dr. Wix-Harris is just wonderful. She is very informative and understanding. Her assistant was very kind and patient and also informative My reason for visiting with them was to improve my skin and my appearance which... READ MORE

I am so happy with my results - Bay Area, CA

The improvements Dr.mabrie made for me with filler were so substantial, that I have been able to convince almost everyone I know to book an appointment with him - Even the women who swore that they would never get it done out of fear of looking superficial, witnessed my natural results and... READ MORE

Dr. Patel is the Best. Happy with my Botox!

I have had Botox in other offices and while I was not unhappy I thought I would have Dr. Patel do my next round. He listened to what I wanted and kept in contact to make sure I was satisfied with my results. I am very happy and still looks great 2 months in. He and his staff make you comfortable... READ MORE

Botox on Forehead with Mini Brow Lift - Austin, TX

Dr. Franco was very professional and made the procedure look effortless. I got Botox injections on my forehead to avoid creasing impression lines. Dr. Franco also added a mini brow lift with the Botox to make my droopy eyes look more awake. He used about 11 units for my forehead total. The... READ MORE

31 Years Old - Botox in Glabella and Crows Feet

I wanted to stop the worsening of the "11's" in my glabella and lessen my crows feet. This was my first time getting Botox, so I was a little nervous reading all the reviews about swelling and bruising but I figured I could deal with that for a few days. I had 20 units put in my glabella, and 8... READ MORE

Botox and Pelleve @ Begin With Skin

I originally started Botox treatments for migraines & love the additional benefits! I started Botox treatments at age 40 & haven't stopped. The areas treated are my "11's" and full forehead. Every three to four months I have those areas treated and haven't been on migraine medication... READ MORE

34 Years Old, Anxiety Ridden Mama of 2!

Finally went through with Botox today! I researched, read these reviews top to bottom and used every instagram search known to man to view pics! I found youtube to be most useful! I was terrified after reading some reviews on here. I will tell you I have anxiety and ocd so I was terrified and... READ MORE

If I could give Dr. Joseph 987 stars I absolutely would!

This was the first time I have ever had a cosmetic procedure done in my 44 years... I had every intension of keeping it a secret & not telling anyone... However, after I had Botox, Kybella & Under Eye Filler (AKA got rid of my hideous genetic under eye bags) yesterday... I can't stop... READ MORE

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