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Botox (also known as Vistabel in the UK) is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, and psoriasis. LEARN MORE ›

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Five Stars! Overland Park, KS

I saw Dr for Botox injections. He was very very informative and explained everything he was going to do and why. He even explained to me how he stores his Botox! He spent a lot of time with me and wasn't in any hurry to get me on my way. He actually spent the time holding ice cubes on each spot... READ MORE

Getting Botox for the First Time - 30 Year Old Female - Las Vegas, NV

I've noticed that the lines in my forehead have gotten deeper the past couple years and more noticeable. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Khorsandi of VIP Plastic Sugery and it was great! He answered all of my questions and took his time and didn't rush me as if I was just another number. He... READ MORE

Botox/Dr.Romero - Dix Hills, NY

I highly suggest Botox as it does just one thing- takes years off and makes you feel amazing. I first met Dr. Romero years ago. he has truly inspired me and changed my life. I look forward to every visit to him as he is always so positive and motivating. His work is fabulous. He treats the face... READ MORE

Fair Skin, Melanoma Treatments/exams. Botox and Fillers, People Think I'm in my 40s. Paradise Valley, AZ

I have melanoma and Dr. Blair has taken care of it with no scarring. Also opted for Botox and fillers; people think I'm 20 years younger than my actual age. Dr. Blair and his staff are wonderful. I will continue to see Dr. Blair for preventative needs and also cosmetic enhancements as long as... READ MORE

This Office is CHOICE - Louisville, KY

I've had botox, fillers and facials with Dr. Chatham. My treatments started less than a year ago but the results are so satisfying, I don't know why I waited until I was 60 (!) At any rate. Slowly I'll work with Dr. Chatham to develop the most natural look at a price I can afford. And if I get... READ MORE

46 Years Botox Was Worth It! Love the Results - Reston, VA

?I received Botox for Crows feet it took a few days to see the difference but I think it looks great I would highly recommend. It wasn't painful at all, I didn't have any side effects will definitely be doing it again. I had ?Belotero under my eyes at the same time I am considering getting... READ MORE

Botox for Masseter Muscles/Jaw Reduction. Beverly Hills, CA

Quick and easy. Had Botox done twice, 3 months apart for my masseter muscles to relieve my jaw clenching and to reduce the aesthetic of my jawline. First time 8 units to both sides at $12/unit. Second time, 10 units per side which cost a total of $240 ($12/unit) however $40 off due to... READ MORE

Love Staying Ahead of the Aging Curve!

Judy is amazing with her artistic eye! She has the ability to make you look very natural and soft. I always feel like she has been able to master making me look like a better version of my real self. I have received my botox and fillers from her for years and will not let anyone else touch my... READ MORE

28 Years Old- No Lines in Forehead, 11s, and Bunny Line - Beachwood, OH

Since the age of 25, I've been getting Botox in my forehead. I started to notice creepy lines when I raised my brows. Wanting them to be eliminated, I ran to my doctor and he injected Botox into the higher part of my forehead, my 11s (the vertical lines when you furrow your brow), and recently... READ MORE

Tina Porterfield: Master Of Her Craft! - Nashville, TN

I began my facial tweaking in my late 30's. As the years have passed, I often received compliments about how great I looked for my age which is now 51. No one ever is ever the "wiser" unless I share it with them. That's the BEST kind of enhancement...when no one can tell because you're just a... READ MORE

Temporary Neck Lift - Fighting the Aging Process Forever! - Marina Del Rey, CA

I really need a neck lift, but cannot find the "down" time to get it done. While attending an information session, Dr. Steven's physician's assistant suggested I might like to try Botox in my neck. She explained that there are two muscles, when relaxed, make the neck look tighter. I scheduled... READ MORE

36 Years Old Mother of Three Girls! - Beverly Hills, CA

I went to Dr. Bruno once again to get my Botox treatment on my forehead. I have always felt younger than my age. Expect I felt that my winkles in my forehead made me look older, it was a flaw that I really disliked. Like always Dr. Bruno explained the procedure, he answered all my questions and... READ MORE

I Have Always Been Ashamed by my Frown Line - Geelong, AU

I've always wanted my frown lines to be gone but not knowing what will fix it or what I need was scary. I asked the girls at Body Recon and they were more then happy to talk about botox and assured me it would be the best thing ever. I'm so glad I got it done and glad they were happy to help... READ MORE

"Refreshed" Rodeo Wife and Lucky Mom of Two - San Antonio, TX

I needed change! I was starting to look my age and look like a sleep deprived, stressed to the max mother of two young kids and I needed to update and refresh my face. I'd been getting regular Botox through my dermatologist and was pleased....BUT just pleased. As much money I've spent on Botox,... READ MORE

Masseter Botox

I have had Bruxism since I was a child, obviously it took a tool on not only my teeth, but my jawline. I developed a very strong square jaw. My PS finally talked me into having botox done to my masseters. The result amazed me. I only had 15 units on both sides. I no longer grind like I used to... READ MORE

Road Map on Forehead GONE! - Sacramento, CA

My expression lines on my forehead were very pronounced regardless of making any expression or not. Given my age Dr. Sweat was very direct in saying that he couldn't guarantee the results I would want. The transformation since Dr. Sweat completed the Botox procedure is remarkable! For this first... READ MORE

Best Botox Doctor Charles Leroy MD San Dimas California

I began having Botox injections by Dr Leroy when I was 30...which was 14 years ago, for the wrinkle line I was getting in between my eyebrows. It gave me an angry look and aged me, but thankfully I found a solution for that, Botox. As I reached my 40's I began getting Botox on my forehead to get... READ MORE

RESULTS ARE SHOCKING... You Were Warned ;-) - Milan, Italy

Hi all, as promised here is my Botox review that i have been so eager and anxious to write. I have to say that i am so so so happy with my results. I have commented other posts regarding Botox here on Realself and I realized that not EVERYBODY loves it,.... but I DO! Botox really does MIRACLES... READ MORE

Botox- my 11s - Atlanta, GA

I love the Botox I received in my 11's area. People perceive me differently now that I don't look angry and like I'm scowling. In fact, people compliment me on my age and have been saying I look 10 years younger! I had to go back and gave my Botox revised after two weeks and he was happy to... READ MORE

Dr. Mesa Made the Crow's Feet Disappear! - Livingston, NJ

At 41 years old, it was time to start getting some treatments to keep looking young. I went to Dr. Mesa for Botox of my crow's feet. Dr. Mesa is a friendly and engaging guy and he made me feel at ease about having needles stuck in my face. The procedure took a couple of minutes and was... READ MORE

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