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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
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This is my second time getting Dysport. Before I had Botox twice too over 5 years. Although my face bruises a tiny bit, I think the Dysport lasts a lot longer with me. My doctor spent 45 minutes with me asking me all the right questions. He really took the time to be sure I understood the... READ MORE

I had 75 units of Dysport injected on March 5,2011 in the forehead area. This was the third time I had Dysport injected but previously had less. I decided to try Dysport because I found Botox didn’t work as well on my “elevens.” After having the Dysport injection, I began... READ MORE

I had Dysport for my crows feet, line between my eyes and forehead and it worked incredible! Noticed within two days and lasted about six months. Then there was a sale on Botox at another Dr's office so I thought I'd try that and it wasn't nearly as noticeable and faded really fast... READ MORE

I went to a spa in Wichita Falls, TX, and they are heavily pushing Dysport. Well, it is the WORST cosmetic procedure I have ever experienced! My face had swelling in the injection areas (forehead), NO removal of lines, but creation of new, strange, vertical lines from my eyebrow to... READ MORE

I have used both Dysport and Botox. I was honestly very nervous to try Dysport because I had never really heard about it or knew much about it. Dysport was running a rebate program, so I thought I would give it a try. Dr. G explained the differences between Dysport and Botox and made sure I was... READ MORE

Went for my regular Botox treatment to soften furrows between eyes. The RN suggested Dysport, said it was stronger, lasted longer, etc. Ahe also said there was a $75 rebate (this was September 2010). Disastrous results. Dysport caused my eyebrows to drop, which intensified the furrows... READ MORE

I've had Botox before but was offered Dysport for free because my medical office was training a new P.A. I thought I'd take a chance and try it. The did my crow's feet, forehead and frown lines. It started to work within 24 hours and now one week out it looks great! I had to share my... READ MORE

Dysport, in my opinion, is the new Botox. Having had both, I found Botox took about 5-7 days to work for me, but Dysport showed signs immediately and by the 2nd day I looked amazing! I'm told Dysport allegedly last longer, still too early to tell; I do know it's less expensive and... READ MORE

Love, love, love it! I have had Botox for 10 plus years and found that in the past three/four years wasn't lasting as long as it used to so I was paying more and more and the cost wasn't worth it. Then my Doctor suggested that I try Dysport and it worked instantly and lasted longer and... READ MORE

Today is the third day after I had dysport injected in between my brows and forehead. I wake up whith swollen eye lids which are dropped 3-4 mm. I am in shock! After the procedure I noticed the area above brows were swollen and I thought it is because of needles and it will go away. But... READ MORE

After being treated with Botox for years, I have switched to Dysport for treating my Glabella and Crow's feet area. Dysport started to take effect within 24 hours after receiving treatment and I have noticed that Dysport has lasted about 2-3 weeks longer than the Botox. Dysport is less... READ MORE

Received Dysport injections (to help with migraines, had done this twice before using botox and had zero problems) on a Monday, had headache and nausea for a few days (no big deal), then blurry vision, even double vision for a portion of the fourth day. About a week after initial injection, I... READ MORE

I have had Botox three times with great result and almost no pain. I scheduled Botox and my provider shows up with Dysport and tells me it will act faster and last longer. I was hesitant to change. Why mess with what works. Well I should have stood up for myself and gone with my gut. I have... READ MORE

I had dysport 4 weeks ago and I have the worst bags and wrinkeles under my eyes when I smile! I used to have a beautiful smile but I dont smile anymore! I am desperate for postitive thoughts and encouragement that this will wear off soon! Please help so I can feel better soon! I... READ MORE

Had 2 injections, had a small change and improvement of deep frown lines. I have had a migraine for the past 10 days. Awful stuff-I cannot wait until the pain goes away. READ MORE

I had Dysport 4 days ago. Have had dry, scratchy eyes, headaches and my eyes look puffy and funny. The lines are totally gone on my forehead which is the only place injected. I do not think this has improved my appearence at all! I think it has made my eyes look small and puffy and my eyes were... READ MORE

Dysport gave me a headache, made me feel nauseous and the actual results were not as good as those I saw when I got Botox at the same facility. For some reason, Dysport only paralyzed one side of my forehead. After 14 days of lousy results, I went back to the doctor and he injected more at no... READ MORE

I had a very small amount (20 u) of Dysport a month ago injected into my mid-forehead area as well as right above the eyebrows. In a nutshell, I hate it. I have had major headaches and blurry vision since then, but the major problem is that my eyebrows are so heavy and low - does anyone know... READ MORE

I tried Dysport for the first time enticed by the rebate offer. I was told both products (dyaport and Botox) are virtually the same. I had many Botox treatments before to reduce the frown lines between my eyes with very few side effects, and was very happy with the results. I can't say the... READ MORE

Will someone please tell me how long it takes to feel normal again? i had dysport 3 weeks ago to help with migraines, since my head feels like its going to explode, my neck and shoulders are painful the nausea is terrible and i havnt been in work for 2 weeks.i crashed my car into a petrol pump... READ MORE

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