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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $450

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I had zero wrinkles on my face/eyes. When I would order a glass of wine at dinner I usually was carded. People have always commented on my youthful skin/ appearance. I went to my Harvard grad dermatologist that was voted "best" Dr. and when I asked if there was anything I could do... READ MORE

This procedure took ten years off my face in ten minutes. It really improved the wrinkles and crows feet while keeping my face looking natural. READ MORE

I absolutely love Dysport....I saw results after one day and they got even better for about a week later. Results are said to be consistent for about 4-6 months. I am actually quite surprised at how much everyone is paying. Shop around, there are rebates out there and a lot of doctors are... READ MORE

I not only tried Dysport but a facial filler as well. I loved the Dysport because, while providing the desired effect of minimizing my ability to frown without making me look frozen, it's also less expensive than Botox. The facial filler brought my cheeks back to their former fullness, just... READ MORE

I dont have wrinkles, but i want to care , that i dont get some in the glabella-wrinkles and in the forehead, so my doc injects a little bit. i can also move my forehead little bit, but i cannot move that i can do wrinkles. i think it is perfect. i do it maybe once a year... cause it is... READ MORE

Never had anything injected or "done" before so this was a first. I got it a year ago and have since had 3 more treatments. It lasts about 5 months for me. The first time I had it injected I felt a little sick to my stomach and foggy. My eyebrows drooped a little too. When I went... READ MORE

I've been on a couple blogs writing about my experience with Dysport for me it is dangerous and highly unsafe. First off I'm super healthy in my 40's. I'm a vegetarian... a real one, no meat or fish ever for that last twenty-five years and I do yoga and I'm physically active... READ MORE

Seems to work, but the rebate is a bit of a con. Might go back to Botox. I always get my rebate from them. READ MORE

Just got it done two weeks ago, I love that it got rid of my furrows and made my forehead very smooth. However, it made the inner corners of my eyebrows droop. I have never had botox so I don't know how dysport compares to it, but I may try it next time to see if I don't get as much... READ MORE

Changed to dysport due to the increased price of Botox. I've always loved it. The only thing that bothers me is that it's not very well regulated here. Plastic surgeons set up their little clinics and nurses run their places. I've only gotten injected by nurses, and the price is not... READ MORE

I was having a facial treatment at a salon and mentioned that I was about ready to redo my Botox. The aesthetician suggested I try Dysport which should last longer than Botox and there is currently a $100 rebate offer for people who switch from Botox to Dysport. The total price was $490 ($5 per... READ MORE

She did a fantastic job softening lines on forehead, around eyes and upper lip with Dysport. She also used .5 syringe of Restylane for smile lines at corner of mouth. I will definitely do it again. For me there was pain (I am a wimp)with Dysport on upper lip, but it was fast and no lingering... READ MORE

I tried Botox in my forehead when I noticed a few lines that were not going away - yikes! I hated the heavy feeling of it - like I was unable to move my face! I was so happy when it wore off. A friend suggested Dysport and I finally decided to try it...once! I love the results. I feel like... READ MORE

Kicks in faster and has a more smoothing effect than Botox. I also think it lasts a little longer although no toxin lasts all that long on me. This is forever for the upper third of the face. I think Botox works better for me when I use it in my mentalis and DAOs. READ MORE

I was so happy to find people posting here about the same experience i am having which is terrifying. using 50 units around my crows and bunny lines -so tiny amount. long time botox user (8 years) with NO side effects but now i'm a vegetable thanks to dysport. Had my injections as normal... READ MORE

I am young, so maybe the results just come out better on people that don't have very deep lines, but the fine lines I had on my forhead are now gone. READ MORE

Just had my forehead and crows feet injected today! Had gone in with the intention of getting Botox but decided on Dysport since there was a rebate offer. Wish I would of read reviews prior to my injections...As I read on through these reviews its seems like there are more disatisfied patients... READ MORE

The first time I had the Dysport it was fine, except that one eyebrow had a fairly sharp pointy angle. In trying to correct this, the next time I was due, the Dysport gave me big saggy drooping eyelids, so I too have the scowling look. Now my kid tells me I am always scowling, even when I am... READ MORE

I have tried Dysport and Botox. For me, Dysport is the one. I know everyone is different. It's like picking chocolate, the best one is your favorite one. I feel both are good, but I get better results with Dysport. It lasted longer,costs less and the company that makes it gives the... READ MORE

After being a sun-worshipper for most of my life, my forehead was starting to show the early signs of aging by the time I was 35 years old. I had what I called "railroad tracks" running across my forehead. Every time I made any expression, I got the lines running all the way across my... READ MORE

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