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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
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I feel like I am ready to tell my story. I waited so long because I had to try and not focus on it to get better. I had my first injection of Dysport (any injectable for that matter), on May 21st on 2010. I was injected with three shots on the side of each eye. Everything went fine. I went back... READ MORE

I didn't like the harsh lines I was getting around my eyes and mouth. I was so amazed when I was already seeing some softening of the lines around my mouth and eyes on the third morning. READ MORE

Wrinkles age READ MORE

I'm 43 and just wanted to look a bit better, I didnt want anything complicated, this is why I considered this simple procedure. After reading the reviews on this forum I almost cancelled ...they're scary! Thank goodness I didnt cancel, my results are just beautiful, I couldn't be... READ MORE

Wanted to try dysport and he was the only surgeon that did it in North NJ. Everyone else uses Botox and didn't wanna drive into NYC. READ MORE

I have been a professional model for over 15 years and in this business it has its drawbacks. Age being one of them. I began to have deep lines starting between my eyebrows from years of squinting as well as lines across my forehead. I also had smile lines in other areas that were creating more... READ MORE

Crows feet READ MORE

Wrinkles on my forehead READ MORE

To look natural and younger.I was interested in getting Dysport (Botox) done around my eyes (crows’ feet) and between my eyebrows because I wanted to look more youthful as I enter into my thirties. I decided to see Dr. William Ting because he has a great reputation and is known around the... READ MORE

Deep frown lines READ MORE

I had Dysport injected of 100 units on Sept 30th 2011 for crows feet and between the eyes. Immediately the next day I had neck and shoulder pain. Two days after the pain spread down my arms and had worsened, including extreme anxiety and fatigue like I've never had before. Went to my PCP and... READ MORE

I was experiencing headaches on a daily basis. I decided to treat myself to Dysport for Christmas. 8 shots at $30 apiece and my headaches are gone! In 3 months my Dr. suggests 3 shots and rotate every 3-4 months 8 shots then 3. I do this for my headaches but the cosmetic results are also... READ MORE

Dr. Ress was very gentle and made me feel at ease. The area was numbed completely before I was injected. I had very minimal swelling which went away by the end of the afternoon and the doctors excellent technique gave me a very natural outcome- I will definitely be going back to see Dr. Ress... READ MORE

Injectable fillers are a great non-invasive way to look and feel your best! READ MORE

Had about 100 units of Dysport for 11's and to give a little lift in the brow area. The 11's are mostly gone, but after about 5 day my left eyelid started to droop. The vision in that eye is also a little blurry. And no lift in the brow area. I have had Botox for this several times with... READ MORE

I'm only 32, but have pronounced lines on my forehead and between my brows. Dysport has really relaxed the area and I still have movement and lines are mostly gone 3 days out. I was a little nervous- I've had Botox a few times with mixed results and after reading reviews, I was very... READ MORE

There are a few reasons I like Dysport over Botox. The first is that I see results faster with Dysport than with Botox. And it lasts just as long. But what I love about Dysport is that it is much less expensive and the run really great rebate specials. It makes getting the treatments very... READ MORE

I did it to look more relaxed and younger !! READ MORE

Dysport kicked in almost immediately, though Botox typically pops up in two to three days for me. Same level of pain. Less tightness than Botox but seemed to stretch/last a bit longer. So I never felt that cement forehead feeling (which frankly, I love) but it seems to be metabolizing out MUCH... READ MORE

Pros: Painless (used numbing cream), fast, lasting results! Cons: none! READ MORE

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