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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
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I had Dysport injections done in Europe twice and one procedure of Botox in the US.I must say that the Botox injection could not keep up with Dysport. Both times when I had Dysport injections the effect lasted up to 7 months whereas the Botox one wore off after only 2 months.I also admit that... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old female battling the signs of age and years of not wearing sunglasses while out in the sun with out protection. One week ago I finally went in to have Juvederm and Botox done, I ended up with Radiesse and Dysport. There is a review in the Radiesse section and I am thrilled... READ MORE

I loved it right away! I used botox before and had to wait up to 3 weeks for my "true" results. Dysport worked within 3 days and after one week I was amazed at how well it worked.I would absolutly recommend this product! READ MORE

I had dysport injected between my eyebrows and right above each one(in a "V" shape). This was the first time I've had it and it's been one month ago.The injections were quick, painless and left no marks. I experienced no side effects and resumed normal activities immediately. I am... READ MORE

Pros: Super, super fast, cheap Cons: I'm not sure about the being frozen thing I'm in my early 30's and I had Dysport a few days ago for horizontal forehead lines, which only showed up during expression, and the lines between the eyebrows/above the nose, which showed a very... READ MORE

I had dysport inyecte in my forehead for lines and between my brows and have not seen any improvment.not very good for me i think i will go back to botox.i had dysport done on the 28 of december it has been 3 days and i have not seen my self any better. i had 144 units i think it is more money... READ MORE

I decided to try dysport rather than botox because of life of it..but droopy and puffy eyelids were not expected .do they soon disappear and not return or do I have to live with this?I have droopy eyelids with puffiness on the inner sides..how long does dysport side effects last..do the effects... READ MORE

Pros: less expensive than Botox, smoothed out wrinkles, produced a more youthful appearance, helped decrease a natural frown.Cons: Side effects- Facial paralysis in mouth, smile and speech effectedI received 30 units of Dysport in my chin two weeks ago to reduce frown lines and to contour areas... READ MORE

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I had it done under my eyes and forehead area and it left me with lose skin below my eyes but level with the top of my check bones. It looks like I am extremely swollen on both sides of my upper checks. I look horrible!I wish I could add a picture to show you the... READ MORE

I have been a long time user of botox for my forrow (between my eyes), and tried dysport and LOVED it!!Takes a few days to see the results, but the results are great!! I am hoping that it last longer than botox as I have been told.... READ MORE

I had dysport injections to smooth the eleven wrinkles in the center of my forehead. This did not give me the same results as the botox, which I have had twice in the past. I even went back in for a touch up. Nine days after the touch up injections, I still have movement. The movement is... READ MORE

Pleasant experience for the most part. The side effects post injection are what has been my nightmare. I did this to lessen the glabellar lines and crows feet around my eyes. Results again look good; however, absolutely not worth the loss of vision. Help.Used botox 4 other times before... READ MORE

As a corporate pilot; the need to keep up appearance is most important; especially in both career advancement and social status(obtaining younger women)for a relationship!! For the past several years, have tried both Botox and Perlane w/ great results!!Several days prior; been introduced to... READ MORE

Liked the effect. Seems like my forehead is less wrinkled than it was with botox. I think i will be using this product in the future to keep the wrinkles from getting deeper. READ MORE

Smoothed out the lines in my cheeks, around my eyes and forehead. My face looks so much more relaxed now.My husband noticed a difference in two days and did not know I had it done. I am now hooked! READ MORE

Love Dysport - had botox done once before as well. I just wouldn't have it done around my eyes again. It forces more wrinkles under my eyes than I had before.I had dysport injected for my frown lines and crows feet. I don't like the results around my eyes. Any suggestions on how to lessen... READ MORE

First time user of Dysport - love it! Completely eliminated my habitual frown.Have used Botox in the past. Moved to new city, found new doctor who recommended Dysport. Very pleased. READ MORE

No Pros - haven't seen any results - frown lines between eyes are still there since September.I did it so I can get rid of the nasty looking elevens - they make me look angry all the time. I can't frown and barely raise my eyebrows - you'd think the lines will smooth out but they just sit... READ MORE

I turned 37 this past January, and this was the year I began to feel my face was looking older. With the support of a friend whose 43 and been getting Botox since she was my age, we made a joint appointment. She explained to me the importance of having someone experienced do your procedure. Most... READ MORE

So far so good! It has been 2 weeks since I received the first injections. I only did the crows feet area, and when I back today, I decided to get an additional unit in my under eye area. (1 unit per eye given in 1/2 unit injections..so 2 shots under each eye). Eager to see the results from... READ MORE

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