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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $375

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I had injections for the lines between the brows. It took about a week to reach its full smoothing effect, which is the same as my Botox experience. I can't say it's better or worse than Botox, although I've heard it tends to spread more, which generally would be a disadvantage. I... READ MORE

I had my first Dysport treatment one month ago. Forehead and "11" between the brows. I had no ill after-affects (bruising/soreness) and I never have had any w/ Botox. The Dysport did start working in about 4 days which is quicker than botox ever did, but after 2 weeks, I noticed the... READ MORE

The wrinkles in my forehead are gone. I used both Botox and Dysport and I prefer Dysport for how well it works and the price. On top of the cost of Dysport I received a $75.00 rebate check. What a product and a deal! READ MORE

I have used Botox for a couple of years and was pretty satisfied. The nurse suggested I try Dysport because it was cheaper and maybe longer lasting. I received an injection over three weeks ago and still am having side effects. Initially the injection was quite painful unlike Botox. The areas... READ MORE

I was encouraged to try Dysport by my provider because of the lower cost and "better results".....problems from day one...I was treated at the crow's feet and forehead. I had severe bruising around my right eye the first day, it is just now fading (this is going on week three),... READ MORE

I tried dysport at the urging of a physician at a aesthetic clinic. I had one prior experience with botox on my forehead and a touch at my eyes. My botox was administered by an technician, not a physician. Although I adjusted very well to the botox, I found the dysport to be totally... READ MORE

I had some minor frown lines, along with glabella/forhead wrinkles and small crows feet that I was using Botox for-the cost was higher (almost $1000) and the results took about 2-3 weeks to be evident. Also, the effects never lasted for longer than 3 months. I tried Dysport which is just as easy... READ MORE

I tried Dysport and am very dissapointed with the outcome, I have never used Botox before because it was way more expensive so I thought I would give the Dysport a try.. I had a really deep wrinkle in between my brows, after my injections I noticed a slight change but the wrinkle was still... READ MORE

I've been getting Botox injections for the past few years in the frown lines between my brows. It took days to work, I needed a lot of it, and it lasted around 4 months. Each time I went I paid $360. I was introduced to Dysport last December and decided to give it a try. I needed more of... READ MORE

I have had Botox three times before this first time on Dysport. I was a little reluctant at first as I have always been received good result from Botox too. But I trusted my doctor and he told me about the campaign they have now. So, I did. My last botox was in Jan 2010, and it last till around... READ MORE

Around $1500 for about 200 UNITS. I love it! I saw results immediately and it looks very natural as I can still move my eyebrows. Will do it again, but only if it's at no or little cost. But if your out there and have the money I say do it! READ MORE

I recently was injected with Dysport in my forehead and between my brows. About 3 days later I started feeling out of it. My head feels foggy and I just cannot concentrate. Im only 29. Never want this again. Am wondering if anyone else has had this feeling? If so how long do the bad effects... READ MORE

Had a Dysport treatment done less than two weeks ago and my left eye lid is lower than the other. Never happened with the Botox. The price sounded great so I tried it. My wrinkles are faded between my brows but know my left eye is almost shut. This could happen to you. Not everyone is effected... READ MORE

I have been getting Botox for the past 7 years. I found it normally takes about 3 or 4 days to see results and I usually get a mild headache for a couple of days also. I was not getting the results that I wanted from Botox plus it only lasts about 3 months so I tried Dysport for the 1st time... READ MORE

I have had botox on my forehead wrinkles many times ~ no side effects except for a slight droopy lid when the doc used too much. this time i was given dysport, and in a new location: crow's feet. both sides bled and the doctor seemed flustered by this. probably because he knew that he hit a... READ MORE

I got Dysport at the recommendation of my primary care physician who said it was a good alternative to Botox. She said they had a $75- rebate offer going on, so I thought, why not?! Well, I didn't notice any difference at all in my appearance after the Dysport injections. I got them under my... READ MORE

I got perlance filler put in my chin and dysport around my crows feet. they had a little dysport left over and put it in my chin also. I look fine until i get real ticked or laugh or smile real big, then my smile goes all retarded looking with my chin jutting back and my top teeth jutting... READ MORE

I received my Dysport injection in my forehead to prevent frowning 6 days ago and I could not be more satisfied with the results. I could not frown if I wanted to! I've never had botox, nor had any prior cosmetic procedures. I am curious to see how long it will last, but so far so good! I have... READ MORE

I got dysport on monday april 12th 2010, on sat april 17th i woke up with a very heavy burning sensation in my chest, not flu like just disturbing. Not my usual on-set of a cold. Barely made it through work and stayed in bed sunday with more symptoms;head ache, fever, chills, sweating, coughing,... READ MORE

I did Dysport for it's claims to be longer lasting and quicker in taking effect. I found this to be true compared to Botox (which I have used for about 2 years). READ MORE

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