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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
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I have been contemplating treatment for my forehead lines for awhile and finally decided to set up a consult with Dr. Will. She listened to my concerns and wrinkle complaints, and suggested that Dysport (and sunscreen) would work best for me- I am very happy with my natural looking results and... READ MORE

This facililty and staff are both amazing! I went in to have Dysport and Dr Schaffer listened to my concerns and gave me exactly what i asked for. He explained the risks with dysport before i was injected. I love my results. I would recommend him to my friends and family!! The cost at this... READ MORE

This is my 3rd visit to Dr. Zuliani and am extremely pleased with the results from the Dysport. Dr. Zuliani is always pleasant to deal with and very professional. I would not see another doctor for this and would recommend Dr. Zuliani to anyone looking for this type of procedure. If you are... READ MORE

I had Botox with dr wider 3 months ago and loved it, dysport was a tiny bit cheaper and I was a little naïve at first but it actually feels like it's already set in and it's not even been 24 hours. I can ready feel a difference and I'm not even showing much since the last time I did Botox. It's... READ MORE

I have been getting Botox for years, and I love it. I always see immediate results (within hours) and they last for about four months, full strength, before beginning to fade. According to my Dermatologist the results would probably last even longer if I worked out less or had a lower metabolism... READ MORE

I had Dysport injections to my crows feet and forehead lines. The procedure was virtually painless, thanks to Dr. Pearson's gentle hand. There was no down time. I had an out of town trip and event 3 days after, and I could already see results. After a few weeks the results are perfect. My... READ MORE

This was my third visit to Dr. Krant - I was scheduled to come in next week for some "refresher" treatments but an unexpected change to my schedule forced me to ask for a last minute appointment. Her office was able to squeeze me in today. Not only was I squeezed in but I had asked for an... READ MORE

I've been to Dr. Karimi twice now, and I thought the first time couldn't have gone better, but the 2nd time outdid it. Simply put, Dr. Karimi is a brilliant doctor and human being. Not one for going to a doctor unless absolutely necessary, I actually look forward to my appointments with Dr.... READ MORE

I posted this under a comment, but wanted to create my own experience,too, so that maybe others going through a similar experience can reply. Thank you for listening.:). I had my first botox injections Nov 11 for crows feet ,brow and forehead, and undereyes. Surprisingly, although my injections... READ MORE

I had this procedure done because I've always sweat excessively from my armpits. They used numbing cream to prep and there was minimal pain. I could feel the needles, but they didn't hurt. The dysport lasted a little more than 6 months and kept me completely dry during that time. Dr. Reichel and... READ MORE

I was very unhappy about the lines on my forehead and crows feet. I asked for Botox but my practitioner recommended that I try Dysport instead. I was very happy with the results overall and went back for a 2nd visit. On the second visit, she used Dysport on my forehead but dilute Botox... READ MORE

I never has any type of filler or toxin in my life but a few of my friends have had them done and I was amazed by the results. She suggested that I start with dysport for the wrinkles that had develop on my forehead over the years of sports and sunbathing. I loved the result.   READ MORE

Steady hands. Natural look without the wrinkles but NOT frozen. Consistently perfect results every time. I looked around for the best female plastic surgeon and I was not disappointed. She was quick, confident and precise with her injections. I've had consistently perfect results and won't go to... READ MORE

I've been getting Dysport injections into my forehead for almost 1.5 years. I had DEEP horizontal wrinkles in my forehead and I had tried every wrinkle cream on market. Dysport totally solved the problem. The first two injections lasted about 4 months each, and the third lasted 5 months. I... READ MORE

I've been getting Dysport in my crow's feet. Not often, maybe every 6 months for the last 3 years. Recently I've lost about half my lashes. I'm trying to rule things out. I am not sure I like Dysport, I usually have to go back after 2 weeks for a touch up and then it lasts only about 2 months.... READ MORE

Terrible hanging eyelids, itchy eyes, headaches, and now red, irritated burning tongue,( not sure if it is from the dysort)but, my side of face wrinkle is gone for a while I wanted less wrinkles between eyes, forehead, and sides of face wish I knew more of the side effects as I am soo allergic... READ MORE

As a 37 year old, I started with Botox when I was 35 and recently switched to Dysport. I've seen a difference in the length of time it took to 'kick in' as well as how long it lasted (+5 months). I'm sure it differs for everyone, but for me, I will sticking to this product for a very long time!.... READ MORE

At 43, I'd begun noticing the dreaded vertical lines in my forehead as well as a more pronounced 11's area. I started having dysport injections and I can't say enough good about my results! My forehead and 11's are smooth and wrinkle free, but I do not have that odd frozen look so typical of... READ MORE

Hello ; I had Dysport exactly 6 days ago. I had headaches from the very first night ,the pain was in wierd areas of my head in front and back.The next day I felt as if I were coming down with a sinus cold.I felt tired and had abnormal amounts of pressure pain in my forehead and nose..I had... READ MORE

Worth it for deep frown lines between the eyes and forehead area when done properly, NOT WORTH it for under the eyes/crows feet. I've had both botox and dysport several times. I actually prefer the Dysport because it works more quickly and seems to last longer with less of that headache/pressure... READ MORE

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