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Dysport, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin injected into the skin above the eyebrows to temporarily relax the muscles that cause "frown lines." It's FDA-approved and is available by prescription. LEARN MORE ›
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I had Dysport on upper forehead and between eyes. About 2 hours after treatment I experienced extreme neck pain and pain inbetween my shoulder blades. The pain increased over the next 24 hours. I thought I may have slept wrong, however the next morning, I woke up to swollen eyes and a swollen... READ MORE

I've been getting a variety of injections for years, but hadn't really found a Dr. that both understood the natural look I was after and was able to deliver at an acceptable price. Dr. K used Dysport between my seriously furrowed brows instead of Botox as I seem to have developed a... READ MORE

10 days after I had dysport for wrinkles between my eyes, I started having the worst heahache. I woke up at 2am with sharp pain on left temple area in addition to whole head pain. I thought I had a migraine but 6 days later it's still there. I had a Ct scan and labs. They are normal. It hurts... READ MORE

After one use, I have left side facial paralysis, sensitivity to light and eye irritation. I look like I have had a stroke. I can smile on only one side of my face. It looks horrible. I do not know how long this will last, it has been less than one month. I cannot go outside without dark... READ MORE

I first tried Botox to get rid of the deep lines between my eyes & for migraines (which most are unaware of as a treatment for migraine pain & recurrence...and it works)! On my next visit I tried Dysport. It was much more effective! It began taking effect within the day, instead of... READ MORE

I love Dysport ! Today I got is my 2nd time getting it . The first time lasted me almost 5 months ! The Place I got it at was awesome as well ! Great staff and Doctors too ! I will get it done again , it was well worth the money ! READ MORE

I decided to try Dysport for a big work event. I have had botox and no problems. I have always been very healthy! After this treatment, severe vertigo, puffy cheeks, upset stomach and general fog like feeling. I AM SO SICK. Do NOT use this product. I am praying it goes away soon. This is awful!... READ MORE

I'm 31 years old and had some forehead creases that annoyed the heck out of me. I tried all the creams and lotions available and they worked for a while until my skin got used to them. I've been going to the dermatologist for a while, and decided I'd ask about it. I have never done... READ MORE

I just had my first botox (the dermatologist actually used Dysport) treatment at NYDG in New York. I paid 1200$ for my forehead (no crows feet) result is ok but many of my friends pay half of that for results that are just as good or better... what do you think? READ MORE

I had Dysport administered by my very trustworthy and knowledgeable dermatologist 3 weeks ago. Almost immediately, I developed bags / folds / thick lines under my eyes...it looks like I have not slept in 5 years! When I went back in to show her she said she had never heard of this side effect... READ MORE

I went to my Dr two days ago for Dysport, which I have had (or botox) regularly by him for the last 7 years. I wanted to also ask him about filler for my TT's. He suggested trying some Dysport directly under each eye prior to going down the filler route to see if that worked for me. This... READ MORE

I am stuck in bed with horrible side effects from dysport. I received the injections 9 days ago and since then I have been hospitalized, had every test/xray/ctscan/done imaginable, iv's, iv antibiotics, relaxants, etc. The Dr's say they couldn't find anything. I couldn't talk for... READ MORE

Been a Botox user for 3 years, no problems. Tried Dysport about 6 weeks ago. Got a bad headache 3 days later...had to go to bed. Now, I had headaches everyday for 2 weeks, Advil etc only give temporary relief. Already saw the dentist, and an EMT. Had an MRI and now making an appointment with a... READ MORE

Went in for botox but was convinced to try dysport. Had read about it, my doc said she used it too. Funny enough she came in with watery eyes. My eyes are watery, bulge underneath, I can't sneeze without looking ridiculous....seriously. My sinuses are worse. I look worse not better. READ MORE

I just got Dysport November 30th,2010 and I am so sick. I went back to my Dr. a week later and they actually injected me with more thinking that would relieve my headaches. I am terrified by reading everyone else's comments about how sick they got. I have horrible vertigo, blurred vision,... READ MORE

This is terrible! After 5 days, my right eyelids started drooping. That caused a feeling of tiredness, double vision which gets worse at night and hazy woozy feeling. EVery morning when I wake up, my first thoughts are "is it better today?" I took off my contact lenses for a week... READ MORE

Im 25 years old. and I had botox for reshape my jawline. using Dysport. after 1 months I see the result as my face getting slimmer, but the biggest problm is I couldnt smile like I used to. Now it has been 6 months passed. my smile still doesnt recover.. I really wanna know if it will recover or... READ MORE

I tried Botox a few times and then went with Dysport for the "love it or leave it" special they were having.... I absolutely LOVE it! It works faster than Botox (within a few days, but a whole week to set in) and for me, it lasts longer (especially my elevens and crows feet). I... READ MORE

I was looking for a deal on botox and my doc said we have a new product called Dysport just like Botox!Well 8 days after I looked great but I got a wierd chest cold and felt I couldn't breath very well,I was wheezing like what you think of Asthma ( don't have it) coughed up bad stuff for... READ MORE

Friendly staff greets you when you come in for your appointment,which I got within 2 weeks. Took before & after pictures & patiently answered all my concerns. I had the Dysport for the line between my eyes & for my forehead & crows feet. I am very pleased with the results that... READ MORE

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