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Are These Vi Peel Side Effects Normal?

So I just had my first peel 4 days ago. It was a vi peel & Im prob just freakin out, but was wondering if its norm for the new skin to be red... READ MORE

I Have Done the ViPeel 4 Days Ago my Skin is at the Peeling Process Except Its Always Burning?

What can i do to help calm the redness and burning? when i apply the cream it burns as well. Anything else i can do to help cool my skin for example... READ MORE

Burned from Vi peel. Does this look normal? (Photo)

So I got the vi peel done yesterday and I have some redmess around my nose that looks like burn marks. Is that normal or did the peel burn my skin? READ MORE

VI Peel: Worked For Cystic Acne, Esthetician Said I Got Burned, Should I Get Another One? (photo)

It has been about 10 month since my 2nd VI Peel, which did a lot of damage. The first peel was phenomenal and I had my second one a month after that.... READ MORE

The cream burns my face after a Vi Peel, what should I do?

I had my peel 4 days ago, No real problems except that even the cream that comes in the kit burns when I apply it, especially around my mouth and chin... READ MORE

Why Would My Mouth be Burning After a Vi Peel?

My mouth burns after the peeling has been finished.I dont know why. Please advise. READ MORE

Why is my skin so irrated with me??? Burns? Scars? Help need advice. (photos)

I got a vi peel a week ago, although my pores have been cleaned out, no more pimples or black heads , my scars look so much worse!!! And my face is... READ MORE

Sun damage after Vi peel, what can I do? (photos)

I did a Vipeel one month ago and went skiing two weeks after the procedure. The Aesthetician told me to use 50+ sunscreen which I did but my face got... READ MORE

I picked skin off prematurely after a VI peel. Is my skin damaged or is it just going to take longer to heal? (Photos)

First let me preface this with - I KNOW BETTER THAN TO PICK!!! I got a VI Peel 4 days ago. On day 3 after a shower, the skin around my nose, left... READ MORE

Post VI peel skin is dry, cracking, seeping yellowish inflammatory fluid, and burns with no matter what I put on it. (photo)

The skin on my chin on both sides of my mouth are extremely dry and no matter what I put on it, it burns. Last night, the only thing I could find to... READ MORE

Vi Peel no booster. Lady rubbed my skin REALLY hard when applying like she was rubbing skin off; Burned like CRAZY. (photo)

She seemed surprised it hurt me. Burning subsided with her fan. Is this normal to rub hard while applying?? And she did this about 5 times I had to... READ MORE

ILP left burn marks, didn't help with brown spots. (Photo)

I am Asian Indian, 36 yr old. I have tan skin, suddenly last year 2 dark spots appeared on my both cheeks, and cystic acne. I tried Tazorac 0.25%, HQ... READ MORE

Wondering if my skin got burned in some areas? Some areas are not even red. Big difference from jawline to cheeks. (Photos)

Had my first Vi peel. I wanted to reduce the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. Leaving the Dr. some areas were more red, they went over them more... READ MORE

Can Vi peel burn your skin? I have a black spot on my forehead. Is it dangerous if it goes into eyes during application? (Photo)

I have started feeling burning on my forehead right after the vi peel. The rest of the face was normal. Next morning it looked like it was injured and... READ MORE

Treating Skin Burn After Vitalize Peel

I had a Vitalize Peel 3 days ago. My nose and upper lip have peeled drastically and they are burned and very red. I put olive oil and yogurt on it to... READ MORE

I peeled off my skin on the vi peel and now it's super red and burns. What can I use to stop burning and heal quicker?

I peeled off my skin on the vi peel and now it's super red and burns really bad. I'm scared I damaged my skin and I'm using lots of moisturizer even... READ MORE

VI Peel, Can Anyone Give Me More Insight?

I just had a VI Peel. Can anyone give me a little more insight into what to expect? After applying the first at-home treatment my face is itchy and... READ MORE

What to do to heal my burns on my chin? (Photo)

First time doing peel. On the 4th day after vi peel precesion; anything I used burned my new skin including the vi peel sunblock. I was given a gel to... READ MORE

Why is my neck peeling after a Vi Peel on my face? (Photos)

I had a VI peel on my face, my face is absolutely fine and has completed its peeling process however my neck has gone sore, red and has dark patches... READ MORE

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